Politics Monday: Tamara Keith And Amy Walter On Electoral College Vote

NPR’s Tamara Keith and Amy Walter of the Cook Political Report join Judy Woodruff to discuss the latest political news, including Joe Biden’s next move after the Electoral College cemented his presidential victory Monday, President Trump’s unlikely concession and how Republicans will react.

Home Tour: Chamonix – Mont Blanc, France

Le Lustre, a beautiful modern-contemporary duplex penthouse, located in the historic heart of Chamonix. Covering more than 400m2 and with a rooftop south-facing terrace of more than 100m2, the duplex offers breath-taking 360 degree views of the Mont Blanc mountain landscape. Over a 2-year period, with the involvement of leading architect firms from Hong Kong and Chamonix in conjunction with the best local artisans, Le Lustre moved from concept to reality and this iconic building came back to life in the center of town.

Chamonix-Mont-Blanc (usually shortened to Chamonix) is a resort area near the junction of France, Switzerland and Italy. At the base of Mont Blanc, the highest summit in the Alps, it’s renowned for its skiing. Year-round, cable cars take visitors up to several nearby peaks with panoramic views, including Aiguille du Midi above town, and Pointe Helbronner, across vast glacier fields on the Italian border. 

Walking Tour: ‘Edinburgh Castle & Prison’, Scotland

Edinburgh Castle in Scotland is one of the oldest place in Europe when is about castle fortified. They have own prison, military garrison and a famous Royal Residence. Join me in 1 hour of Scotland’s capital famous castle on the rocks – Edinburgh Castle .

Edinburgh Castle is a historic fortress which dominates the skyline of Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland, from its position on the Castle Rock. Archaeologists have established human occupation of the rock since at least the Iron Age, although the nature of the early settlement is unclear.

History: ‘The Building Of The Erie Canal’ (1817-1825)

The Erie Canal is a 363-mile waterway that connects the Great Lakes with the Atlantic Ocean via the Hudson River in upstate New York. The channel, which traverses New York state from Albany to Buffalo on Lake Erie, was considered an engineering marvel when it first opened in 1825.

The Erie Canal provided a direct water route from New York City to the Midwest, triggering large-scale commercial and agricultural development—as well as immigration—to the sparsely populated frontiers of western New York, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan and points farther west. The canal transformed New York City into the young nation’s economic powerhouse, and in 2000 the U.S. Congress designated the Erie Canal a National Heritage Corridor.

Tours: ‘Lew House’ – A 1958 Mid-Century Modern In Los Angeles By Architect Richard Neutra (Video)

Richard Neutra designed the Lew House in 1958 to suit his clients’ entertaining lifestyle with an open floor plan, wall-to-wall glazing, and a gleaming glass carport. High up and overlooking Downtown Los Angeles, this legendary home features stunning views, an innovative floor plan, and a minimalist, but warm interior. Dwell’s own executive editor Jenny Xie gives us a tour.

The Lew House is an exquisite, four-bedroom luxury residence in Hollywood about a mile from Sunset Strip. Designed by Richard Neutra, renowned pioneer of midcentury modern architecture, the villa is practically a museum of modernist design and contemporary art, while welcoming deluxe relaxation and festive entertainment in its stunning indoor and outdoor living areas.

The tri-level villa overlooks gorgeous views of the Hollywood Hills from multiple balconies and terraces. Savor luxurious days bathing in the swimming pool, soaking in the lovely hot tub, and sipping refreshing drinks in the Southern California sun. Fire up the grill for a delicious barbeque as the kids play in the yard and playground below; then gather for an alfresco lunch. In the late afternoon, savor a delicious cocktail on the veranda.

Travel Video: ’48 Hours In Villages North Of Madrid’

North of Madrid lies the Sierra de Guadarrama, part of the larger Sistema Central, the chain of mountains snaking down the centre of Spain. With their close proximity to Madrid, the mountains are a popular spot for a day trip, whether you like sports, nature or exploring historic towns and villages.

Top Train Travel: ‘Glacier Express’ In Switzerland

The Glacier Express is a direct train from Zermatt to St. Moritz. The train is also referred to as the ‘slowest express train in the world’: the journey takes about 8 hours. There is a good reason for this slow pace: the train squeezes its way through the Alps, through narrow valleys, tight curves, 91 tunnels, and across 291 bridges.

Walking Tour: Canterano -Near Rome, Italy (Video)

A walking tour in 𝗖𝗮𝗻𝘁𝗲𝗿𝗮𝗻𝗼, 𝗟𝗮𝘇𝗶𝗼 region, center Italy, a small town of about 325 inhabitants. The virtual walk starts just in the souhtern part of this very cute town, on a sunday morning walk. Very few people around unfortunately, in full Coronavirus period.

Canterano is a comune in the Metropolitan City of Rome in the Italian region Latium, located about 45 kilometres east of Rome. Canterano borders the following municipalities: Agosta, Gerano, Rocca Canterano, Rocca Santo Stefano, Subiaco.

Travel Tours: ‘Miramare Castle’ In Trieste, Italy

Miramare Castle is a 19th-century castle direct on the Gulf of Trieste between Barcola and Grignano in Trieste, northeastern Italy. It was built from 1856 to 1860 for Austrian Archduke Ferdinand Maximilian and his wife, Charlotte of Belgium, later Emperor Maximilian I and Empress Carlota of Mexico, based on a design by Carl Junker.

The castle’s grounds include an extensive cliff and seashore park of 22 hectares (54 acres) designed by the archduke. The grounds were completely re-landscaped to feature numerous tropical species of trees and plants.