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Design Podcast: Islamic Geometric Patterns, Eco-Architecture & Shelley Klein’s Scottish Home

Monocle on Design Logo‘Monocle On Design’ discusses the origins of tessellations in Islamic art and ask how architecture affects our work-life balance. Plus: author Shelley Klein recounts her childhood in a mid-century house in Scotland and we preview Monocle’s city-themed July/August issue.

Monocle On Design - June 30 2020


Travel & The Pandemic: “Lockdown // Edinburgh” In Scotland (April 2020)

Filmed and Directed by: Carsan Choong

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected many people’s lives all over the world. This short film is focusing solely on Edinburgh, showcasing the situation and how the daily lives in the city have been affected. Inclusion of some positivity and optimism too in this short film.

My own old stock footage as well as some aerial footage from third-party suppliers were used. New current footage were shot without flouting the lockdown rules, only done so in conjunction with essential travel.

Music: Nicholas Britell – End Credits Suite (Moonlight – OST)

Edinburgh is Scotland’s compact, hilly capital. It has a medieval Old Town and elegant Georgian New Town with gardens and neoclassical buildings. Looming over the city is Edinburgh Castle, home to Scotland’s crown jewels and the Stone of Destiny, used in the coronation of Scottish rulers. Arthur’s Seat is an imposing peak in Holyrood Park with sweeping views, and Calton Hill is topped with monuments and memorials.

Top Travel & Music Videos: “Hamish Napier – The Woods” In Scotland

To celebrate the launch of “The Woods”, the third album from acclaimed musician Hamish Napier Music, we’ve teamed up to bring you an audio-visual treat.

The Woods was commissioned by #CairngormsConnect to celebrate the ancient forests that make the project area so special.

Hamish has used the Scottish Gaelic alphabet, which is centred around Scotland’s native trees, to explore the folklore, natural and social heritage of Strathspey.


Video Profiles: 80-Year Old Scotsman Don Cameron, Hot Air Balloon Pioneer

For more than half a century, Scotland-born Don Cameron has been a pioneer in the world of hot air balloons. He built and flew western Europe’s first modern hot air balloon in 1967, before founding his company Cameron Balloons from the basement of his flat.

The company has since become one of the world’s largest balloon manufacturers, making hundreds of balloons each year. It is the market leader in special-shaped balloons, producing the likes of Darth Vader, Vincent van Gogh and a dinosaur.

Video by Morgan Spence

Travel & Touring Video: “Aston Martin DB” Tour Of Scotland (SkyworksWA)

1,000 Miles & 1,000 Smiles
“We make beautiful art that that is meant to be driven and enjoyed” says Aston Martin….
Sadly, many of these works of art are destined for a life locked away in garages and only taken out for shows and events. Luckily we know someone who realises that a DB4, a DB5 and a DB6 love to be driven – enjoyed not only by the driver, but the countless people who stop to look and wave as they pass by. And driven in spectacular locations renowned for the winding roads and jaw dropping scenery. In 5 days, during which it rained every day, these cars covered over 1000 miles through the Scottish highlands, without a single issue (we lie – one electric window issue), and created a thousand smiles.

Aston Martin DB Tour of Scotland SkyworksWA January 15 2020

It was a rare privilege and pleasure to have been invited to film, photograph, and drive these working pieces of art, and enjoy Scotland in a unique way that is in fact priceless, and certainly a very big bucket list tick. The film is quite dark and moody, and almost black and white, but we think suits the occasion… (it’s also what the client wanted!). The brief appearance of the Rapide AMR only added to the convoy. Although it looks quite remote, deserted and desolate it was in fact peak holiday season, so between the traffic, the rain and the distances, every shot in this film was based on one take with no rehearsals… which justified the occasional use of strong language “och aye Jimmy”. However, we hope that this final brief overview of the journey, being a short edit of what was delivered to the client, gives these cars…nay laddie – these Aston Martins… and the location, Bonnie Scotland, the justice they deserve. Enjoy.


Top New Travel Videos: “Albion” Is An Aerial View Of Great Britain (2019)

Filmed, Edited and Directed by: Alex William Helin

Albion Short Travel Video In England by Alex William Helin 2019

Albion, another name for the island of Great Britain, is a journey through foggy English countryside via rocky limestone scenery to Scottish highlands.

Albion Short Travel Video In England by Alex William Helin 2019

Music: Aeons 2 by Mark Petrie/ Andrew Phralow

Website: https://www.awhelinphotography.com/



Top New Travel Videos: “Civilization – Timelapse /// Hyperlapse 4K” By Michael Shainblum (2019)

Filmed, Edited and Directed by: Michael Shainblum

Civilization Timelapse Hyperlapse 4K by Michael Shainblum 2019

City timelapses and hyperlapses from around the world. This is a collection of my favorite cityscape timelapses from over the years. The video is a mix of static shots, motion controlled timelapses and manual hyperlapse shots. I really hope you all enjoy the video and thanks so much for watching!

Civilization Timelapse Hyperlapse 4K by Michael Shainblum 2019

Places featured in the video:
Dubai UAE
New York City, New York
Los Angeles, California
San Francisco, California
Doha, Qatar
Shanghai, China
Hong Kong,
Venice, Italy
Cinque Terre, Italy
Seattle, Washington
and a castle in Scotland.

Civilization Timelapse Hyperlapse 4K by Michael Shainblum 2019

Website: http://www.shainblumphoto.com/