Timelapse Travel: ‘Prati Di Tivo’, Apennine Mountains Of Central Italy (Video)

Filmed and Edited by: Giovanni Lattanzi

Prati di Tivo is a splendid mountain place, on the eastern side of the Gran Sasso chain, right at the foot of the giant. It offers woods, ski slopes, but above all two extraordinary views, one towards the Laga and one over the Vomano valley and the Adriatic coast, with a view that sweeps as far as the eye can see towards the sea. But above all it is a suggestive natural balcony on the Gran Sasso d’Italia, both during the day and at night, when the Milky Way runs fast on the peaks.

Short Films: ‘Vastness’ – A CGI Exploration Of Deep Space Nebulae (Video)

Directed and Designed by: Teun van der Zalm

VASTNESS is a short film where we explore new designed nebulas with more detail, scale and color variations.

To achieve this I developed a new process that pushes the hardware memory limit. By using more particles than before, I tried to get more detail, light/color variations and scale still maintaining the overall natural feeling.

Music by LIMINA

Violinist – Emily Kriner
Mixed by Michael Bouska

Online Shopping: ‘How Amazon Delivers Your Orders So Quickly’ (Video)

Since the beginning of this century, Amazon has emerged as a pre-eminent giant of retail. How? by creating an expectation among consumers that next day, or even same day, delivery is not only possible but basically routine for a dizzying array of consumer products. Millions of Amazon Prime customers all over the world have now come to expect this astonishingly swift service on countless items as standard, and this has put great swathes of the traditional retail landscape in trouble. So today, we’re going to look at how Amazon delivers packages so fast. Let’s pick a typical Amazon product as an example. Say you need a bicycle pump. How will Amazon get that bike pump delivered to your door, the very next day? How Amazon Delivers Packages So FastSHOW LESS

Walking Tours: ‘Spanish Steps In Rome’ (Video)

The Spanish Steps are a set of steps in Rome, Italy, climbing a steep slope between the Piazza di Spagna at the base and Piazza Trinità dei Monti, dominated by the Trinità dei Monti church at the top.

𝗧𝗶𝗺𝗲𝗹𝗶𝗻𝗲 0:00 – Brief Intro 1:35 – Spanish Steps / Piazza di Spagna 4:20 – Via dei Condotti 8:00 – Largo Goldoni 8:50 – Via del Corso 12:40 – Via Vittoria 14:46 – Via Mario de Fiori 17:18 – Piazza di Spagna / Spanish Steps “ascension” of Scalata dei Trinità dei Monti 21:21 – Panorama from above 23:31 – Via Gregoriana 27:36 – Via dei due macelli 29:40 – Via Frattina 30:53 – Via Bocca di leone 35:00 – Via della Croce 36:52 – Via Borgognona 39:30 – Via del Corso

Crime: Delivery Scams Imitating Amazon, UPS, FedEX & DHL On The Rise

As online shopping sees its biggest holiday season ever, hackers are sending fake delivery notices impersonating Amazon, UPS and FedEx, with scams up 72% from last year and 440% from October to November. Clicking a fake shipping notification link can launch ransomware or launch a counterfeit branded site to trick users into entering credit card and personal information to “reroute” a package that never existed.

Video Profiles: Asha Deliverance And Her ‘Fabric-Welded Domes’

In 1979 Asha Deliverance sewed her first geodesic dome on an old Singer sewing machine, finishing it in time to become her eldest child’s first home. Motivated by the work of Buckminster Fuller, she continued to build dome homes for friends until she responded to increasing demand and opened the country’s first retail dome company in 1980.

Today, Asha has stopped sewing and relies on her team at the Pacific Domes headquarters in Ashland, Oregon to fabric weld her domes. The company provides shelters for families, glamping sites, greenhouses, climbing, events (e.g. Coachella) and extreme outposts. “To test some of the possible challenges of living on Mars, NASA joined forces with Pacific Domes in early in 2013 to erect a 44-foot geodesic-engineered dome on the northern slope of Mauna Loa, Hawaii.”

The company offers DIY dome kits starting at $5,500 for a 16 foot (5 meter) shelter that can be erected with their manual in a couple of days (instructions for the deck are included). When we asked Deliverance about the frustrations of some dome builders like Shelter Publications’ Lloyd Kahn she explained that in the ‘60s people were building domes out of wood which required sealing multiple joints, but that using fabric has made all the difference.

Walking Tours: ‘Catania’ – In Sicily, Italy (Video)

La passeggiata, or slow walk, takes place each evening here in Italy but it is most popular on Sunday nights. This slow evening walk begins on Via Etnea next to the Villa Bellini and continues down to the Piazza Duomo. The walk was filmed on June 13th, 2020 starting at 7:56 pm. For the best viewing experience, be sure to listen using headphones.

Catania is an ancient port city on Sicily’s east coast. It sits at the foot of Mt. Etna, an active volcano with trails leading up to the summit. The city’s wide central square, Piazza del Duomo, features the whimsical Fontana dell’Elefante statue and richly decorated Catania Cathedral. In the southwest corner of the square, La Pescheria weekday fish market is a rowdy spectacle surrounded by seafood restaurants.