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Sunday Morning Podcast: News From Zurich, Hong Kong & London (Monocle)

A round-up of the weekend’s most interesting discussion topics with Monocle’s editor in chief Tyler Brûlé, Benno Zogg, Chandra Kurt and Marcus Schögel, plus a check-in with Kaius Niemi, senior editor in chief of Finland’s ‘Helsingin Sanomat’ newspaper.

Sunday Morning Podcast: NEWS FROM ZURICH, TOKYO & London (MONOCLE 24)

Tyler Brûlé speaks to Rob Cox and Christoph Lenz, while the Monocle teams in Europe and Asia unpack a dramatic week in global newsrooms.

Food & Beverage: ‘How Tea Is Enjoyed Around World’

Tea is deeply rooted in many cultures. It tends to be more than just a beverage in countries around the world, but a moment of togetherness and connection. From the very first cup of tea, dating back to ancient China in 2732 BC, tea and tea culture have impacted the very way countries socialize. There are many rituals and traditions for tea as well as many different types. From Taiwan’s bubble tea to Argentina’s yerba mate, we look at TK ways teas are enjoyed around the world.

New Architecture Books: “Beyond The West” (2020)

Beyond The West inspires a fresh understanding of global contemporary architecture beyond the Western Countries.

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Architects throughout the world work against a backdrop of rapidly growing cities, changing societies and climate, and emerging economies. But while Western architecture has largely dominated the discourse, architecture firms from non-Western countries have been establishing local and global -recognition for themselves, often finding strikingly different solutions to local requirements, including sustainability, transportation and migration, construction materials, and traditions. Beyond The West journeys across Asia, Africa, and the Americas to under-stand how local architects respond to a changing world, and focuses its wide lens on inspiring and truly global architecture.

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World News Podcast: New Arrests In Hong Kong, Satellite Attack Risks

It’s been about a month since the Chinese Communist Party forced a national security law on Hong Kong. This new law made it illegal for anyone anywhere in the world to promote democratic reform in the region. Recent arrests of top media and political figures have made it clear that Hong Kong’s relatively free political system is over.

  • Plus, the risk of space attacks against U.S. satellites is growing.
  • And, some hopeful pandemic parenting advice from Dr. Sanjay Gupta.

Guests: Axios’ Bethany Allen-Ebrahimian, and Miriam Kramer and special thanks to Dr. Sanjay Gupta and the Asian American Journalists Association.

World News Podcasts: Covid-19 Cases Spike, McDonald’s Profits Fall

The Economist LogoThe Economist updates Covid-19 rates spiking around the world, McDonald’s fast food profits plunge and other top international business and economic news.

Sunday Morning Podcast: News From Switzerland, London And Tokyo

Monocle on Sunday PodcastMonocle’s Markus Hippi is joined by a line-up of guests from Switzerland, London and Tokyo for the weekend’s liveliest discussion.

Global News Podcast: States File More Lawsuits, Spain’s New Lockdown

NPR News NowNPR News Now discusses continued criticism of federal agents in states, Spain’s new lockdown measures and other international news.

World News Podcast: Unemployment In America Rises, China Tensions And South Korean Recession

The Economist LogoThe Economist reports on the rise of American unemployment, tensions with China and South Korea falls into recession.


Global News: Huawei And The Tech Cold War, Young Minds & Tiny Transistors

The Economist Editor's PicksA selection of three essential articles read aloud from the latest issue of The Economist. This week, Huawei and the tech cold war; (8:55) millions of young minds are going to waste; (16:10) and a new material helps transistors become vanishingly small.