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News: New EU Sanctions On Russia, North Korea ‘Bio Weapons’, Air Serbia

The Globalist, April 21, 2023: The European Commission prepares new sanctions against Russia, with special requests from Moldova. Plus: a new report on North Korea’s biological weapons programme, Air Serbia introduces 20 new routes and a check-in from the International Journalism Festival in Perugia.


Previews: The Guardian Weekly – February 24, 2023


The Guardian Weekly 24 February 2022 – exactly a year since the date of this week’s Guardian Weekly magazine – Vladimir Putin unleashed his brutal offensive on Ukraine. As our senior international affairs correspondent, Emma Graham-Harrison, wrote in the following day’s Guardian newspaper: “The continent awoke to the shock of scenes it once believed it had left in the 20th century: helicopters strafing homes outside the capital, long lines of tanks ploughing ever deeper towards Ukraine’s heartland, roads choked with refugees, and civilians huddled in underground stations to escape bombardment.”

Much has been written since then about the state of the war and how it might end, but this week we focus on a key plank of the west’s response: the wide-ranging economic sanctions against Moscow that it was hoped would throttle Putin’s war effort.

News: The Toll Of Russian Terror Tactics, Sanctions, Iran Protests, China Covid

The EU discusses further sanctions against Russia. Plus: a second person in Iran is executed for their involvement in the protests, the implications for China’s healthcare now that coronavirus restrictions are relaxed and the latest TV news.

Previews: The New Yorker Magazine – Oct 31, 2022

People dressed in Halloween costumes including a vampire a pirate and Batman walk through Grand Central.

The New Yorker – Inside the October 31, 2022 Issue:

Will Sanctions Against Russia End the War in Ukraine?

D.C. bureaucrats have worked stealthily with allies to open a financial front against Putin.

How Samuel Adams Helped Ferment a Revolution

Portrait of Samuel Adams writing on a chair.

A virtuoso of the eighteenth-century version of viral memes and fake news, he had a sense of political theatre that helped create a radical new reality.

Sergio García Sánchez’s “Old Haunts”

The artist discussed Día de todos los santos and taking inspiration from the Old Masters.

By Françoise Mouly, Art by Sergio García Sánchez

Opinion: Sanctions On Russia, Debt Forgiveness, Work Commute Waste

A selection of three essential articles read aloud from the latest issue of The Economist. This week, are sanctions on Russia working? Plus, Joe Biden’s sweeping debt-forgiveness plan (10:00) and in defence of commuting (15:10).

Preview: The Economist Magazine – August 27, 2022

Are sanctions working?

Are sanctions working?

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Morning News: G-7 Agree On New Russia Sanctions, Abortion Ruling Fallout

A.M. Edition for June 27. The leaders of the Group of Seven leading industrialized nations meeting in Germany are expected to agree on further sanctions against Russia over its invasion of Ukraine.

WSJ Germany correspondent Bojan Pancevski says Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky addressed the G-7 summit asking for more weapons to be delivered to his country. Luke Vargas hosts.