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Front Page – The New York Times Sunday – July 31, 2022

How the Kremlin Is Forcing Ukrainians to Adopt Russian Life

In Russian-occupied regions in Ukraine, local leaders are forcing civilians to accept Russian rule. Next come sham elections that would formalize Vladimir V. Putin’s claim that they are Russian territories.

G.O.P. Feuding and Chaos Endanger the Party’s Chances in Michigan

A handwritten letter from Betsy DeVos, last seen trying to remove Donald Trump from office, elicited an 11th-hour endorsement. But is that enough to make peace among Michigan’s warring Republicans?

Front Page View: The New York Times – July 24, 2022

On the Docket: Atlanta v. Trumpworld

Eighteen months into a criminal investigation of election interference by Donald J. Trump and his allies, a Georgia prosecutor is beginning to show the broad contours of her inquiry.

After Parkland, One Question Remains: What Is Justice?

Four years after the Hoyers lost their youngest child in the Florida school shooting, a jury will decide whether the killer should get the death penalty. The Hoyers had to decide, too.


Front Page View: The New York Times – May 15, 2022

How America Lost One Million People

Understanding the death toll — who makes up the one million and how the country failed them — is essential as the pandemic continues.


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