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Front Page: The New York Times – December 4, 2022


Defaults Loom as Poor Countries Face an Economic Storm

Debt-relief efforts are stalling as developing economies are being hit by higher interest rates, a strong dollar and slowing global growth.

He Returned a Dazed Soldier to the Russians. Ukraine Calls It Treason.

No one knew what to do with a lost Russian pilot who suddenly appeared in the occupied city of Kherson. The case has revealed the blurred line between pragmatism in a war zone and collaboration with the enemy.

Three Dutch Goals End U.S. Run in Qatar

The United States saw its weaknesses exploited in a 3-1 loss to the Netherlands. But after a solid showing and with a young team brimming with promise, the best may be yet to come.

The Chinese Dream, Denied

The world’s harshest Covid restrictions exemplify how Xi Jinping’s authoritarian excesses have rewritten Beijing’s longstanding social contract with its people.

Front Page: The New York Times – November 27, 2022


U.S. and NATO Scramble to Arm Ukraine and Refill Their Own Arsenals

The West thought an artillery and tank war in Europe would never happen again and shrunk weapons stockpiles. It was wrong.

They Were Surrogates. Now They Must Raise the Children.

In Cambodia’s weak legal system, surrogacy exists in a gray market, endangering all involved when political conditions suddenly shift and criminal charges follow.

They Were Unjustly Imprisoned. Now, They’re Profit Centers.

Many former prisoners are broke until state settlements arrive. Tiding them over has become a niche market for finance firms. An investment can reap 33 percent interest.

Front Page: The New York Times – November 13, 2022


Democrats Hold the Senate, as Cortez Masto Ekes Out a Victory in Nevada

Senator Catherine Cortez Masto defeated Adam Laxalt, the state’s former attorney general. Democrats now will try to add to their control of the chamber in Georgia’s runoff election on Dec. 6.

Trump Angst Grips Republicans (Again) as 2024 Announcement Looms

While Republicans pick up the pieces from the midterm elections, former President Donald J. Trump is already forcing them to take sides in the next election.

Ukraine Signals It Will Stay on the Offensive, Despite Talk of a Lull

Many analysts and diplomats have suggested there could be a pause in major combat, and even peace talks, over the winter, but after pushing the Russians out of Kherson, Ukraine has no desire to stop.

Front Page: The New York Times – November 6, 2022


How Republicans Fed a Misinformation Loop About the Pelosi Attack

Within hours of the brutal attack last week on Paul Pelosi, Republican officials and media figures began circulating groundless claims — nearly all of them sinister, and many homophobic — about what had happened.

3 Presidents Swoop Into Pennsylvania, in a Clash That Transcends 2022

As the midterms come to a close, the establishment politics of the two most recent Democratic presidents met the disruptive force of the last Republican one, with control of Congress at stake.

How Putin and Friends Stalled Climate Progress

A handful of powerful world leaders rallied around Russia and undercut global cooperation.

Front Page: The New York Times – October 30, 2022


Biden’s Agenda Hangs in the Balance if Republicans Take Congress

On a wide array of issues like abortion, taxes, race and judges, President Biden’s opportunities would shrink as Republicans vow to dismantle much of his legislative accomplishments.

At Least 151 Killed in Halloween Crowd Surge in Seoul

As many as 100,000 people were celebrating in a popular nightlife district in the center of the South Korean capital.

Russia Withdraws From Grain Deal After Drone Attack on Black Sea Fleet

The Russian move jeopardized a rare case of wartime coordination aimed at lowering global food prices and combating hunger.

Front Page: The New York Times – October 23, 2022


Using Adoptions, Russia Turns Ukrainian Children Into Spoils of War

Thousands of Ukrainian children have been transferred to Russia. “I didn’t want to go,” one girl told The New York Times from a foster home near Moscow.

For Trump’s Backers in Congress, ‘Devil Terms’ Help Rally Voters

In vilifying tweets and speeches, G.O.P. lawmakers who contested the election have far outpaced other Republicans and Democrats in fueling polarization.

Fears Over Fate of Democracy Leave Many Voters Frustrated and Resigned

As democracy frays around them, Republicans and Democrats see different culprits and different risks.

Front Page: The New York Times – October 9, 2022


Blast on Crimean Bridge Deals Blow to Russian War Effort in Ukraine

Any impediment to traffic on the bridge could affect Russia’s ability to wage war in southern Ukraine, where Ukraine’s forces have been fighting an increasingly effective counteroffensive.

A Distracted Russia Is Losing Its Grip on Its Old Soviet Sphere

Russia’s domination of Central Asia and the Caucasus region is unraveling as the Kremlin focuses on the war in Ukraine — and border violence is flaring.

‘The Cash Monster Was Insatiable’: How Insurers Exploited Medicare for Billions

By next year, half of Medicare beneficiaries will have a private Medicare Advantage plan. Most large insurers in the program have been accused in court of fraud.

Front Page: The New York Times – September 25, 2022


They Were Entitled to Free Care. Hospitals Hounded Them to Pay.

With the help of a consulting firm, the Providence hospital system trained staff to wring money out of patients, even those eligible for free care.

Whatever Happened to the Starter Home?

The economics of the housing market, and the local rules that shape it, have squeezed out entry-level homes.

Front Page: The New York Times – September 18, 2022

Ukraine Wants the U.S. to Send More Powerful Weapons. Biden Is Not So Sure.

President Biden wants to avoid provoking Russia at a moment when American officials fear Vladimir V. Putin could escalate the war to compensate for recent losses.

The ‘Wild Field’ Where Putin Sowed the Seeds of War

In one small town in the Donbas region, everything suddenly fell apart. It was part of Vladimir Putin’s grand plan, and it helped lay the groundwork for the invasion of Ukraine. Now things are heating up again.

Front Page: The New York Times – September 11, 2022

Ukrainian Offensive Seen as Reshaping the War’s Contours

The fall of the strategically important city of Izium, in Ukraine’s east, is the most devastating blow to Russia since its humiliating retreat from Kyiv.

As Russians Retreat, Putin Is Criticized by Hawks Who Trumpeted His War

Russian bloggers reporting from the front line provide a uniquely less-censored view of the war. But as Russia’s military flails, these once vocal supporters are exposing its flaws, lies and all.