1959 Mid-Century Modern: Tour Of ‘Tracey Residence’ In San Pedro, California

Open Space – David and Arienne are no strangers to Mid-Century Modern homes having lived in a few others years past however this one of a kind Architectural home sited upon the hillsides of San Pedro is perhaps their most special, A home built by Rolly A. Andrew in 1959.

After stepping in the home they both looked at each other and instantly knew they wanted the home, picturesque views that span from the Hollywood sign all the way past Laguna Beach, this is truly a home that was perfectly positioned to enjoy it all. Fast forward a few years, some restoration and remodeling and they share the story of what it’s like to live in such a home.

The indoor/outdoor flow alongside the walls of glass throughout the entirety of the home is something that needs to be enjoyed in person to truly understand. The Architect Rolly wasn’t particularly a well known architect and after doing some research Arienne came to find out this was Rollys first Residential project after obtaining his license. Aside from Green Hills Memorial park there isn’t much more about Rolly that David and Arienne were able to find out.

Could this be the only residential project from an architect that seemingly blended the home perfectly into the hillside or are there others out there? Driving up the coast in their restored Porsche’s to pull into the driveway of their beautifully restored home with endless views doesn’t sound like a bad day.

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