Insights: The Lucrative Business Of Diabetes (2022)

In our modern consumer society, Type 2 diabetes has become a widespread disease. Companies are developing drugs that are increasingly expensive, but not necessarily more effective. Health authorities are powerless. Diabetes is spreading rapidly, all over the world. The disease destroys lives and puts a strain on public budgets.

The UN is calling on governments to take action. Diabetes is proof that modern societies are incapable of adequately treating chronic disease. It affects around 430 million people worldwide, with two main metabolic disorders falling under the name diabetes. Type 1 is an autoimmune disease that must be treated with lifelong doses of insulin, while type 2 can develop when a person’s diet is too high in fat and sugar and they do not engage in enough physical activity.

With turnover of $46 billion, diabetes is a massive and extremely lucrative market. Constantly promised miracle cures have not led to satisfactory treatment, with patients either taking too many drugs or no longer being able to afford them. It’s a desperate situation, and the only ones benefiting seem to be pharmaceutical companies. A medical focus on blood glucose levels has led to an overreliance on medication, sometimes without due concern for dangerous side effects.

Patients become trapped in a cycle of treatment, which in many cases still does not halt the disease’s progression. This can lead to amputations, blindness and heart attacks. And yet there are alternatives that could flatten the curve of the type 2 diabetes epidemic, while reducing health care spending. Improved diet can be a preventative measure, and a strict adherence to diet can also bring about remission in the case of Type 2 diabetes.

But these solutions require effort, as well as a complete rethinking of chronic disease management. Filmed on three continents, this documentary features industry whistleblowers, patients, researchers and medical professionals. It also confronts pharmaceutical companies about their responsibility for the situation.

Preview: New Scientist Magazine – July 9, 2022

Cover of this week's New Scientist magazine - 'The universe as we've never seen it before'


  • FEATURES – How to understand your inner voice and control your inner critic
  • FEATURES – 7 big questions the James Webb Space Telescope is about to answer
  • NEWS– Covid-19: What are the risks of catching the virus multiple times?

In this week’s issue: We’re about to see the first full-colour images from the James Webb Space Telescope – here’s what we can expect Available at newsstands and via our app for digital and audio editions.

Museum Insider: ‘Caligula’ Marble Bust’s True Colors

Archaeologists Vinzenz and Ulrike Koch Brinkmann have spent the last 40 years dedicated to the study of polychromy—or “many colors” in Greek—in ancient sculpture. Once a fringe area of study, their research combats the misconception of white purity in ancient Greece and Rome. They reflect on the marble bust of Caligula and how the reconstruction of its former color can help us better understand history.

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Summer Walks: Le Marais In Paris, France (2022)

The fashionable Marais district in the 4th arrondissement, also known as SoMa (South Marais), is filled with hip boutiques, galleries, and gay bars. Once the city’s Jewish quarter, the area still hosts numerous kosher restaurants. The grassy Place des Vosges is home to elegant arcades and the Musée Victor Hugo, where the writer lived. Streets around Saint-Paul metro lead to the Maison Européenne de la Photographie. 

Previews: The Atlantic Magazine – July/Aug 2022

How animals perceive the world, a return to Chagos, Steve Bannon, and a mad hunt for Civil War gold. Plus Jack White, how the U.S. has no nuclear strategy, dad rage, Ulysses at 100, one family’s doll test, downsides of beach resorts, and more.


  • How Animals Perceive the World – Every creature lives within its own sensory bubble, but only humans have the capacity to appreciate the experiences of other species. What we’ve learned is astounding.


Morning News: British PM Johnson To Resign, Uvalde Shooter, G20 Meets In Bali

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is planning to resign according to multiple media reports. A new report on the Uvalde school shooting found that the police officers missed several opportunities to intercept the shooter. And G20 foreign ministers meet in Bali, Indonesia this week.