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Cover Previews: Science Magazine – August 12, 2022


Death’s-head moths correct course based on an internal “compass,” a new study finds, revealing insights into how insects traverse such long distances during seasonal migrations.

Scientists scramble to set up monkeypox vaccine trials

Logistical and ethical challenges are complicating the design of efficacy studies

Harassment researchers decry proposed reporting rule

U.S. Title IX law update requiring mandatory reporting of sexual misconduct would cause harm, they say

Star’s midlife crisis illuminates our Sun’s history—and future

Long magnetic lull mimics Maunder Minimum, when sunspots largely disappeared 400 years ago

Star marine ecologist guilty of misconduct, university says

University of Delaware finding vindicates whistleblowers

Webb reveals early universe’s galactic bounty

Star formation after the big bang appears much faster than models had forecast

Read that research and more this week in Science. https://fcld.ly/zebukkw

Preview: New Scientist Magazine – July 16, 2022

New Scientist Default Image


  • FEATURES – Bees vs wasps: Which insect is really worthy of all the buzz?
  • FEATURES – How many knots exist? A new computing trick is untangling the answer
  • FEATURES – How to go rock pooling: The surprising science on your nearest beach

Astronomy: James Webb Telescope First Images

The first images from the James Webb Space telescope have been revealed. Incredibly clear images of the Carina Nebula, the Eight-Burst Nebula, a galaxy cluster called Stephan’s Quintet and an exoplanet named WASP-96b make up the first set of science data from JWST.

Preview: New Scientist Magazine – July 9, 2022

Cover of this week's New Scientist magazine - 'The universe as we've never seen it before'


  • FEATURES – How to understand your inner voice and control your inner critic
  • FEATURES – 7 big questions the James Webb Space Telescope is about to answer
  • NEWS– Covid-19: What are the risks of catching the virus multiple times?

In this week’s issue: We’re about to see the first full-colour images from the James Webb Space Telescope – here’s what we can expect Available at newsstands and via our app for digital and audio editions. https://newscientist.com/issue/3394/

Morning News: Ukraine On Alert, China & Taiwan, NASA Space Telescope

We get the latest from Kyiv on the crisis in Ukraine and discuss the fallout from Chinese military incursions in Taiwanese airspace. Plus: Nasa’s space telescope reaches its destination and we visit a haunted house in Istanbul.

Previews: New Scientist Magazine – December 11

Views: James Webb Space Telescope Set To Launch – Will Reveal First Galaxies

The James Webb Space Telescope, a collaboration between NASA, the European Space Agency and the Canadian Space Agency, is set to launch later this month. Scientists say its technology makes it 100 times more powerful than the Hubble and could give it the ability to see back to the first galaxies in the universe. Illustration: Adele Morgan/WSJ

Science: The James Webb Space Telescope Launches, Genes For Long Life Spans

The James Webb Space Telescope was first conceived in the late 1980s. Now, more than 30 years later, it’s finally set to launch in December. 

After such a long a road, anticipation over what the telescope will contribute to astronomy is intense. Daniel Clery, a staff writer for Science, joins host Sarah Crespi to talk about what took so long and what we can expect after launch.

You might have heard that Greenland sharks may live up to 400 years. But did you know that some Pacific rockfish can live to be more than 100? That’s true, even though other rockfish species only live about 10 years. Why such a range in life span? Greg Owens, assistant professor of biology at the University of Victoria, discusses his work looking for genes linked with longer life spans.

NASA: “James Webb Space Telescope” Mission (Video)

A look at the James Webb Space Telescope, it’s mission and the incredible technological challenge this mission presents.

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