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Preview: New Scientist Magazine – July 2, 2022


How readily should we swallow the idea of diets that delay ageing?

The promise of a new diet that can add as much as a decade to your life is certainly tempting – and might well be proven to work – but for now should be swallowed with a pinch of salt

  • FEATURES Ten years after the Higgs discovery, what now for particle physics?
  • NEWS 75 per cent of the world’s top websites allow bad passwords
  • NEWS Largest known bacteria in the world are visible to the naked eye
  • NEWS Was warfare responsible for the origin of complex civilisation?

Previews: New Scientist Magazine – June 25, 2022

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  • CULTURE Earth’s musical heritage finds an icy home next to global seed vault
  • FEATURES Personalised cancer vaccines are finally beating hard to treat tumours
  • NEWS Enormous impact flash seen lighting up Jupiter’s atmosphere

Previews: New Scientist Magazine – June 18, 2022

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What is time? The mysterious essence of the fourth dimension

The nature of time is a tricky notion to pin down. But whether it is a fundamental part of our universe or just an illusion has huge implications


FEATURES Could we ever go back in time? Relativity does not rule it out

FEATURES How do we sense time? The brain cells that order our memories

Preview: New Scientist Magazine – June 4, 2022

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New Scientist Magazine – 4 June 2022


  • CULTURE Doctor Who: Worlds of Wonder review: The science behind the show
  • FEATURES Fast fashion is ruining the planet – here’s how to make it sustainable
  • FEATURES Can you take the trip out of psychedelics and still treat depression?

Previews: New Scientist Magazine – May 21, 2022


  • CULTURE Regenesis review: Farming is killing the planet but we can stop it
  • FEATURES Why the next big solar storm might hit Earth without warning
  • FEATURES The female body is misunderstood and this is why, says Rachel E. Gross
  • FEATURES How the massive dogs bred to protect livestock could save wolves too

Previews: New Scientist Magazine – May 14, 2022

New Scientist Magazine, May 14, 2022


  • FEATURES Fascia: The long-overlooked tissue that shapes your health
  • FEATURES The grand plan to create a periodic table of all animal intelligence
  • FEATURES Have we been measuring the expansion of the universe wrong all along?
  • NEWS Simple webcam test could show whether you lack a mind’s eye
  • NEWS How quickly can you catch covid-19 again if you have already had it?

Preview: New Scientist Magazine – April 23, 2022

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  • FEATURES What psychology is revealing about ‘ghosting’ and the pain it causes
  • FEATURES How four big industries are driving the exploitation of our oceans
  • NEWS MS reversed by transplanted immune cells that fight Epstein-Barr virus
  • NEWS Blind Mexican cave fish are developing cave-specific accents
  • NEWS Rediscovered orchid was presumed extinct for almost a century
  • NEWS Tiny structures in rock may be fossils of earliest known life on Earth