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Research: New Scientist Magazine – Nov 26, 2022

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New Scientist – November 26, 2022:


  • FEATURES – The hunt for the lost ancestral language of Europe and southern Asia
  • FEATURES – Why the Colorado river is drying up – and what we can do about it
  • FEATURES – Will artificial intelligence ever discover new laws of physics?
  • NEWS – Drug that delays onset of type 1 diabetes gets approval in US

Preview: New Scientist Magazine – Nov 19, 2022

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New Scientist – November 19, 2022 issue:

What is pain, how does it work and what happens when it goes wrong?

With a growing number of people living with pain, we desperately need to understand it – but we are still unravelling the mysterious mechanisms behind the phenomenon

  • FEATURES – Roger Penrose: “Consciousness must be beyond computable physics”
  • FEATURES – Why emotions can feel so painful – and what it means for painkillers
  • FEATURES – We are only just beginning to understand what causes nociplastic pain

Previews: New Scientist Magazine – Nov 12, 2022

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New Scientist – November 12, 2022 Issue:

How JWST could find signs of alien life in exoplanet atmospheres

The James Webb Space Telescope can peer into alien skies like never before. With six potentially habitable planets within its sights, astronomers are entering a new era in the search for biology beyond our solar system

What age do you really become an adult? And why it’s vital to know

The age at which you are considered an adult differs around the world, but emerging research into the developing brain suggests we may have got the concept of adulthood all wrong. When do we really become a grown-up?

Preview: New Scientist Magazine – Nov 5, 2022

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How technology is revolutionizing our understanding of ancient Egypt

New Scientist – A century on from the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb, CT scans, 3D printers and virtual reality are bringing the world of the pharaohs – and ordinary ancient Egyptians – into sharper focus

The truth about the foods said to boost your immune system

Many foods thought to enhance our natural defences, such as orange juice and turmeric, don’t live up to the hype. Instead, the key to a healthy immune system lies in nurturing your gut microbiome

The cosmologist who claims to have evidence for the multiverse

Cosmologist Laura Mersini-Houghton says our universe is one of many – and she argues that we have already seen signs of those other universes in the cosmic microwave background, the light left over from the big bang

Previews: New Scientist Magazine – Oct 22, 2022

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  • CULTURE – The Climate Book review: An essential guide to a better world
  • FEATURES – Can a slew of nuclear fusion start-ups deliver unlimited clean energy?
  • FEATURES – How to improve your digital diet for greater well-being
  • NEWS – Exoskeleton boots learn how you walk to help improve your gait

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Preview: New Scientist Magazine – Oct 15, 2022

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FEATURES – How curiosity can supercharge your brain and boost your success

FEATURES – Carlo Rovelli on the bizarre world of relational quantum mechanics

FEATURES – Human hibernation is a real possibility – this is how it might work

NEWS – DeepMind AI finds new way to multiply numbers and speed up computers

Preview: New Scientist Magazine – Oct 8, 2022

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  • CULTURE – Nuclear review: Oliver Stone’s paean to a nuclear future
  • FEATURES – Why ancient Nubia is finally emerging from Egypt’s long shadow
  • FEATURES – Did magnetism shape the universe? An epic experiment suggests it did
  • FEATURES – How hacking your metabolism can help you burn fat and prevent disease

Previews: New Scientist Magazine – October 1, 2022

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New Scientist Magazine – October 1, 2022:

We are finally waking up to the causes of insomnia and how to treat it

Millions of people struggle with insomnia, but the sleep disorder is now a solvable problem – and the most effective therapy might involve your smartphone rather than sleeping pills

Rebecca Wragg Sykes on the objects that reveal the Neanderthal mind

A third of scientists working on AI say it could cause global disaster

What’s the best recipe for bubble mixture? Scientists have the answer

Previews: New Scientist Magazine – Sept 10, 2022

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  • FEATURES – Beyond tired: Why fatigue sets in and how to tackle it
  • FEATURES – Quantum batteries: Strange technology that could provide instant power
  • FEATURES – The Pope’s AI adviser on ensuring algorithms respect human dignity
  • NEWS