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Preview: New Scientist Magazine – July 9, 2022

Cover of this week's New Scientist magazine - 'The universe as we've never seen it before'


  • FEATURES – How to understand your inner voice and control your inner critic
  • FEATURES – 7 big questions the James Webb Space Telescope is about to answer
  • NEWS– Covid-19: What are the risks of catching the virus multiple times?

In this week’s issue: We’re about to see the first full-colour images from the James Webb Space Telescope – here’s what we can expect Available at newsstands and via our app for digital and audio editions. https://newscientist.com/issue/3394/


Science: The Search For Alien Life In The Universe

The thought of finding alien life has fascinated people since the time of the ancient Greeks—but developments in astrobiology could be about to turn this possibility into reality. How do you hunt for life beyond Earth—and might this be the decade when we find it?

Chapters: 00:00 – Is there life beyond Earth? 00:56 – How has the search for life evolved? 02:36 – What signs of life are scientists looking for? 03:48 – What are biosignatures? 04:28 – How to find intelligent life 06:03 – How telescopes today have improved our search 07:52 – Expanding the search beyond Earth

Read more of Alok Sharma’s coverage on the search for life in space: https://econ.st/3zw1Hxt