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Volume 607 Issue 7917

This week in Nature: Higgs at 10 – Probing the properties of the most elusive particle in physics.

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Cardiometabolic Health: 93% Of U.S. Adults Fail Test

Less than 7% of the U.S. adult population has good cardiometabolic health, a devastating health crisis requiring urgent action, according to research led by a team from the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University in a pioneering perspective on cardiometabolic health trends and disparities published in the July 12 issue of the Journal of the American College of Cardiology. Their team also included researchers from Tufts Medical Center.

Researchers evaluated Americans across five components of health: levels of blood pressure, blood sugar, blood cholesterol, adiposity (overweight and obesity), and presence or absence of cardiovascular disease (heart attack, stroke, etc.). They found that only 6.8 percent of U.S. adults had optimal levels of all five components as of 2017-2018.

Cinematic Views: ‘Islandia Symphonia’ In Iceland (4K)

“Describing Iceland in words or pictures would be so reductive. You have to live these wide open spaces, feel the heat of its soil, the air coming from these glaciers, hear the creaking of the lapilli under your feet and the rumbling of its volcanoes. We had discovered Iceland more than 10 years ago. As I often say, I left a part of my soul there. A revelation as a traveler and as an creator. But so many years later, the feelings have not changed. At the time, I was just discovering photography. I came back to it as a filmmaker to capture this symphony of wonders.”

Filmed and Directed by: Gilles Havet

Village Walks: Varenna On Lake Como, Northern Italy

Varenna is a very romantic and suggestive place, overlooking the waters of the Lario. In Lombardy, it is perhaps the most suitable destination if you want to treat yourself to an alternative weekend. Varenna, just over 700 inhabitants, is a village located in the province of Lecco, about 20 minutes from the city.

The beating heart of the village is its central square, overlooked by the Church of San Giorgio. The building, dating back to the thirteenth century, was built on the foundations of an ancient Roman temple and is a splendid example of medieval Lombard architecture. A few steps away, on the opposite side of the square, we can admire the Church of San Giovanni Battista, dating back to the 11th century. Both religious buildings preserve, inside them, precious frescoes and some pictorial fragments of ancient origins.

Getty Art + Ideas Podcast: “Imagining The Afterlife”

“The underworld, the afterlife, is fairly dank, dark, shadowy; quite frankly, it’s a bit boring. Somewhat like waiting at a bus depot.”

Homer’s Odyssey depicts an afterlife that is relatively dull, with heroic actions and glory reserved for the living. Nonetheless, people in Southern Italy in the fourth century BCE were captivated by the underworld and decorated large funerary vases with scenes of the afterlife—the domain of Hades and Persephone, where sinners like Sisyphus are tortured for eternity and heroes like Herakles and Orpheus performed daring feats.

Little is known about precisely how these vases were used and seen in death rituals. A new book by Getty Publications, Underworld: Imagining the Afterlife in Ancient South Italian Vase Painting, brings together 40 such vases and explores new research on them.

In this episode, Getty Museum curator of antiquities David Saunders discusses these enormous and often elaborate vases, explaining the myths they depict and what is known about the ways in which they were used. Saunders is editor of Underworld.

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Aerial Views: Ha Long Bay In Eastern Vietnam (4K)

Hạ Long Bay, in northeast Vietnam, is known for its emerald waters and thousands of towering limestone islands topped by rainforests. Junk boat tours and sea kayak expeditions take visitors past islands named for their shapes, including Stone Dog and Teapot islets. The region is popular for scuba diving, rock climbing and hiking, particularly in mountainous Cát Bà National Park. 

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Morning News: Ukraine War & Future Conflicts, Italian Bank ‘Doom Loop’

A.M. Edition for July 6. Military strategists are learning in real time how future wars will be fought. WSJ Brussels bureau chief Dan Michaels explains how the war in Ukraine could shape future conflicts. Plus, the doom cycle haunting Italian banks. Luke Vargas hosts.