Astronomy: James Webb Telescope First Images

The first images from the James Webb Space telescope have been revealed. Incredibly clear images of the Carina Nebula, the Eight-Burst Nebula, a galaxy cluster called Stephan’s Quintet and an exoplanet named WASP-96b make up the first set of science data from JWST.

Seaside Travel Tour: Kaş In Southwestern Turkey (4K)

Kaş is a seaside town on the Mediterranean coast in southwestern Turkey. The modern town occupies the site of ancient Antiphellos, with still-visible ruins including a theater. The 4th-century-B.C. Lion Tomb, with 2 carved lion heads, is one of many Lycian rock tombs in the area. The town center has whitewashed houses and buildings covered in bougainvillea. The Lycian Way, a marked trail, passes by the town.

Home Renovations: May House, Malvern, Australia

When an architect designs a house with consideration and care, dwellings such as May House emerge. Taking a playful approach to colour and materiality, Neil Architecture reimagines a 1980s home as a relaxed, modern family residence.

Video timeline: 00:00 – The Local Project’s Print Publication 00:10 – Introduction to the House 00:45 – Complementary Design 01:01 – Exterior Renovations 02:03 – 1980s Materiality 03:12 – Landscape Architecture 04:09 – A House Made for Entertaining 04:42 – Timeliness Rejuvenation 05:17 – Subscribe to The Local Project’s Print Publication

When an architect designs a house, the design brief can often stipulate a complete renovation. However, Neil Architecture recognised the value of the original 1980s construction – settled into the leafy suburb of Malvern – and decided instead to complement the home with architectural additions.

To maintain the strong and simple form of the original structure, Neil Architecture covers the pre-existing truss with a perforated screen. Off-form concrete is used to create the carport, whilst a roughcast concrete render is applied to the fence – in doing so, the architect designs a house that interacts with the local built environment. As an architect designs a house, the intent can be expressed through the finer details of the scheme.

In May House, rusty red and green tones appear in the material palette, paying homage to the colours present in 1980s interior design. May House sees a 1980s residence both celebrated and reimagined, embraced and rejuvenated. Managing the external architecture and interior detail, the architect designs a house that is imbued with a sense of warmth and continuity; a house for the future that is inspired by the past.

Lakeside Walks: Lucerne In Eastern Switzerland (4K)

Lucerne is an old city with rich history and beautiful architecture in Switzerland. Lucerne’s old town boulevard lies between city hall and Chapel Bridge along the river Reuss. Numerous restaurants invite our guests to sit at nicely arranged tables. Guests from all over the world stroll along the river and enjoy the “see and be seen”!. Lucerne, the gateway to central Switzerland, sited on Lake Lucerne, is embedded within an impressive mountainous panorama.

Morning News: Replacing Boris Johnson, Fetuses’ Rights, Egypt Houseboats

The race to succeed Boris Johnson begins today. Numerous Conservative MPs have thrown their proverbial hats into the ring; they are fighting on ground largely staked out by Mr Johnson.

American anti-abortion activists believe that fetuses should have all the rights that people do. And why Egypt’s government has turned against its historic houseboats.