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News: January 6 Hearings, FBI Search Of Mar-a-Lago, Venezuela Migrants In U.S.

New evidence, witnesses and insight into Trump’s actions on Jan. 6. More details on why FBI searched Mar-a-Lago. White House expel illegal Venezuelan migrants as it offers some a legal path to entry.

Headlines: Hurricane Ian Destruction, Russia’s Sham Annexation, Brazil Threat

More than 700 people needed to be rescued after Hurricane Ian tore across Florida. We hear from some of them. Russia moves to annex four occupied areas of Ukraine. And threats of violence hang over Brazil’s upcoming presidential election.

Stories: Hurricane Ian Flooding, Gas Pipeline Sabotage, UK Turmoil

Hurricane Ian roared ashore in Southwest Florida bringing historic flooding and winds more than 140mph. Some European leaders are blaming Russia for explosions that damaged two gas pipelines in the Baltic sea. And the Bank of England steps in to prevent economic turmoil in the UK.

Stories: Hurricane Ian Hits Florida, Leaks In Russian Gas Pipeline, Healthy Food

Hurricane Ian is making its presence known on Florida’s Gulf Coast after knocking out power all over Cuba. Two and a half million people are under evacuation orders across the state.

There are a lot of questions about leaks at two offshore pipelines that transport Russian gas to Europe. Several nations have called the leaks suspicious and point the finger at Moscow. And what’s the Biden administration’s plan to get Americans better access to healthy food?

Stories: Far-Right Meloni Wins In Italy, Russian Men Flee Conscription, NASA

A far-right nationalist is on track to become Italy’s first female prime minister. What led Italians to back a candidate who is accused of spreading white supremacist ideas?

Also, thousands of Russian men are fleeing the country to avoid military service under President Putin’s mobilization order. Plus, why NASA scientists are getting ready to slam one of their spacecrafts into an asteroid.

News: Trump Obstruction Evidence, Nuclear Plant Inspection, U.S. Flooding

The Department of Justice revealed striking evidence that former President Trump obstructed a federal probe related to classified documents.

International nuclear experts are set to assess the status of equipment and well-being of staff at the occupied Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant. Heavy rain and flooding has left the residents of Jackson Mississippi without safe drinking water.

Morning News: Capitol Riot Committee Hearing, Russia Opens Gas Pipeline

The House Jan. 6 committee preps for a primetime hearing examining what Trump was and was not doing in the 3 hours and 7 minutes before he asked rioters to go home that day.

An NPR-PBS NewsHour-Marist survey looks at how many people are actually following the hearings. And, a key pipeline that brings natural gas from Russia to Germany is partially reopen, and there’s concern in Berlin that they my not go back to full capacity.

Morning News: British PM Johnson To Resign, Uvalde Shooter, G20 Meets In Bali

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is planning to resign according to multiple media reports. A new report on the Uvalde school shooting found that the police officers missed several opportunities to intercept the shooter. And G20 foreign ministers meet in Bali, Indonesia this week.

Morning News: January 6 Attack Hearings, U.S. Supreme Court Rulings

The panel investigating the January 6 attack shares its findings in a televised primetime hearing. The US seeks private funds for immigration issues. 

And a fraught Supreme Court readies the most high-profile rulings of its term. NPR is doing its annual survey to better understand how listeners like you spend time with podcasts.