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Cover Preview: Barron’s Magazine – July 4, 2022


With Yields Above 8%, It’s Time to Get Excited About Income Investing

Our latest guide to income investing explores opportunities in categories ranging from junk bonds to TIPS and REITs.


Central Bankers Talk Tough on Rates. But What if Markets and Economies Tumble?

Randall W. Forsyth


Las Vegas Sands Stock Could Win Big in a Reopened China

Teresa Rivas


Stocks Had a Nasty 6 Months. The Second Half Could Be Ugly Too.

Nicholas Jasinski


The Home-Goods Boom Is Over, Leaving the Bed and Bath Stocks High and Dry

Jack Hough

Cover Preview: Science Magazine – July 1, 2022


An ash and gas plume rises from Hunga volcano, Tonga, on 14 January 2022. Global geophysical observations reveal that the climactic eruption that followed on 15 January produced a broad range of atmospheric waves, with pressure wave amplitudes comparable with those from the 1883 Krakatau eruption. While propagating over the world’s oceans, the remarkable atmospheric waves generated complex fast-traveling tsunamis. See pages 3091, and 95.

Photo: Taaniela Kula, Tonga Geological Services

United Kingdom set to abandon EU funding and go it alone
  • Horizon Europe grants held hostage over Brexit dispute

Silence greets requests to flag retracted studies

Authors and editors ignored warnings about citing noted fraudster, exposing a problem in scholarly publishing

Hidden carbon layer sparked ancient bout of global warming

Deep carbon exhumed by volcanic rift between Greenland and Europe implicated in 56-million-year-old hothouse