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Sunday Morning Stories: News Headlines From London, Athens & Istanbul

Emma Nelson, Charles Hecker and Terry Stiastny unpack the weekend’s biggest talking points. Plus, Tyler Brûlé in Athens, Hannah Lucinda Smith in Istanbul and Monocle 24’s Andrew Mueller with a Eurovision update.

Capital City Walks: Athens In Southern Greece (4K)

Athens, Modern Greek Athínai, Ancient Greek Athēnai, historic city and capital of Greece. Many of Classical civilization’s intellectual and artistic ideas originated there, and the city is generally considered to be the birthplace of Western civilization.


Athens lies 5 miles (8 km) from the Bay of Phaleron, an inlet of the Aegean (Aigaíon) Sea where Piraeus (Piraiévs), the port of Athens, is situated, in a mountain-girt arid basin divided north-south by a line of hills. Greater Athens has an area of 165 square miles (427 square km). The Kifisós River, only a trickle in summer, flows through the western half; the Ilisós River, often dry, traverses the eastern half. The surrounding mountains—Párnis, 4,636 feet (1,413 metres); Pentelicus (Pendéli), 3,631 feet; Hymettos (Imittós), 3,365 feet; and Aigáleon, 1,535 feet—add to the impression of barrenness. Yet such considerations are superficial when compared with the fecundity of Athens’s bequests to the world, such as its philosophy, its architecture, its literature, and its political ideals.

Cover Preview: Greece-Is Magazine – Summer 2022

Over the 144 pages of our latest issue dedicated to the Greek capital, we‘ve pulled together our best tips for city experiences, new arrivals, urban havens offering respite from the summer heat, and upcoming events.

We also guide you through the neighborhood of Kypseli and the Attica basin’s fabled Tourkovounia hills; present the trendsetters bringing something new to the Athenian experience; and discuss some hot debate-worthy topics: How much tourism is too much? What is going on with the Parthenon Marbles? Where should we eat?

Ceramics: Ancient Athens Red-Figure Vase Painting

In this five-minute animated video, journey back to the 6th-century BCE workshop of the Athenian master Andokides and witness an ancient artist’s moment of creative ingenuity. For generations Athenian vase painters had employed black-figure technique, in which the figure is painted in a mixture of clay and water called slip and details are incised with a sharp tool.

At some point—we don’t know precisely when or why—a vase painter had the idea to reverse the scheme, leaving the figures the color of the clay and painting details with a brush. We now call this red-figure technique. Learn how ancient vase painters created vases in both styles and marvel at the technical virtuosity of the multi-step firing process that contributed to their distinctive, high-contrast look.

City Guides: The Food And Flavors Of Athens, Greece

Athens! What a city. The Greek capital is home to more culture and history than you can imagine so our Athens travel guide is designed to give you the tools to unlock Athens on your own terms. Athens transport, Greek food, and tips to stay safe are all included.

Athens is the capital of Greece. It was also at the heart of Ancient Greece, a powerful civilization and empire. The city is still dominated by 5th-century BC landmarks, including the Acropolis, a hilltop citadel topped with ancient buildings like the colonnaded Parthenon temple. The Acropolis Museum, along with the National Archaeological Museum, preserves sculptures, vases, jewelry and more from Ancient Greece. 

City Walks: Plaka District Of Athens, Greece (4K)

In the shadow of the Acropolis and its ancient temples, hillside Plaka has a village feel, with narrow cobblestone streets lined with tiny shops selling jewelry, clothes and local ceramics. Sidewalk cafes and family-run tavernas stay open until late, and Cine Paris shows classic movies al fresco. Nearby, the whitewashed homes of the Anafiotika neighborhood give the small enclave a Greek-island vibe. 

Morning News: Russia-Ukraine, Covid Pandemic, Portugal Vote, Greece

We reflect on Antony Blinken’s address on the Russia-Ukraine tensions and ask whether the pandemic is nearing its endgame. 

Plus: Portugal’s forthcoming election, Andrew Mueller on the week’s stranger stories and Greece’s attempts to bring the Parthenon marbles back to Athens.

Morning News: Turkey & Syria, Germany Election, Quality Of Life, Athens

Why has president Erdoğan sent more troops to Turkey’s border with Syria? Plus: Monocle’s news editor Christopher Cermak previews Germany’s federal election, the latest on a crucial vote on same-sex marriage in Switzerland and Monocle’s Quality of Life Conference begins in Athens.