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Politics: The Independent Review – Spring 2023

The Independent Review - Spring 2023 https://scientificmagazines.top/the -independent-review-spring-2023 | VK

Independent Institute (May 22, 2023) – In this issue: A tongue-in-cheek playbook for the national-security elite on how to run wars; monetary policy during the Great Depression and Great Recession; a critical review of child support enforcement; the history of labor rights in Brazil; and more.

Crisis and Credit Allocation: The Effect of Ideology on Monetary Policy during the Great Depression and the Great Recession

By James L. Caton

The Lords of Easy Money: How the Federal Reserve Broke the American Economy

By Christopher Leonard

The Economic Weapon: The Rise of Sanctions as a Tool of Modern War

By Nicholas Mulder


Preview: Banshee Literary Journal – Spring 2023


Banshee Literary Journal – Spring/Summer 2023:

Issue 15 features poetry from @el_fodongo, Elizabeth McGeown, @JamieOHallo108, @MNSghost, @AnneTannam, @hmorganvl, @crownofpetals, @dogwithoutlegs, @yopopodawn and Derek JG Williams.

Aging: ‘Healthy Longevity’ Journal – November 2022


Inside the November 2022 Issue:

Research & review on #Alzheimers, global burden of benign prostatic hyperplasia, #WHO def of vitality capacity, IPD meta on social connection &  #cognition#oralhealth for older people & more.

Hope on the horizon for Alzheimer’s disease treatment?

Social connectedness and cognitive decline

Time to take oral health seriously

Art Journals: The 2022 Courtauld News (Digital)

Literary Previews: The Paris Review – Spring 2022

Journal Views: Science Magazine – July 23, 2021

Journal Views: ‘Science Magazine’ – July 16, 2021