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Top Summer Destinations: Laguna Beach Festival Of Arts Celebrates 87th Year

From an Orange County Register article:

IMG_4711The Pageant of the Masters was first developed in the 1930s to combine music, storytelling and theatrical illusions to celebrate artistic interpretation and history. It has since become a Laguna Beach tradition drawing visitors from around the world. This year’s show, which opens Sunday, July 7, and runs through Aug. 31, marks the pageant’s 86th year. Continue reading Top Summer Destinations: Laguna Beach Festival Of Arts Celebrates 87th Year

Culinary Nostalgia: 1970s Fast-Food Chain “Naugles Tacos” Looks To Expand After Relaunching in 2015

From Los Angeles Times article by Gustavo Arellano:

Naugles TacosIt was a rival to Taco Bell and Del Taco in the fast-food Cal-Mex wars of the 1970s, until Del Taco acquired the company in 1995 and unceremoniously shut it down. The erasure was so complete that when food writer Christian Ziebarth petitioned the United States Patent and Trademark Office in 2012 to take control of Naugles’ trademark, arguing that Del Taco had done nothing with it for decades and he was therefore legally allowed to revive the chain, the feds sided with him (Del Taco is still fighting the ruling).

Ziebarth knew what Del Taco didn’t: Culinary nostalgia is a powerful, lucrative force. And Naugles is Cal-Mex gold.

The opening weeks of Naugles’ Fountain Valley location in 2015 were so hectic that fans fainted in line because of the hours-long wait and excitement. As recently as May, a pop-up at Euryale Brewing Company in Riverside drew more than 700 people — far more than the 200 who reserved online.

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