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Village Walks: Villalago – Central Italy (4K Video)

Villalago, located 25 km south of Sulmona, in the Abruzzo region of L’Aquila, arose in the 11th century for Christian and Benedictine inspiration, finding in San Domenico Abate the founder of the monastery of San Pietro il Lago, in the upper Sagittario valley. At its foundation the monastery was endowed by the Lords of those lands, the counts of Valva, with goods and privileges and attracted settlers from all over, who settled, under the monks, in several villas in the Valle de Lacu, so called for the its five lakes. Over time, to ensure a valid defense, they perched on Mount Argoneta, where some Lombard towers already stood, and the new village took the name of Villalago. In 1479 the monastery was abandoned by the Benedictines and the Villalaghesi “no longer colonists, they became a body of the University, with independent possessions” (Antinori, chorography of Villalago). And under the motto of “Universitas contra omnes”, they fought victoriously against the Belprato Counts of Antwerp and against others who aimed to take over the entire Valle de Lacu.

Video timeline: 0:00 – [Drone intro] 2:00 – [Walking tour begins / Piazza Celestino Lupi] 3:28 – [St.Mary of Loreto church☀️] 5:09 – […walking in the old town…] 10:36 – [Via Buccini] 16:44 – [Church of St.Michael – closed☀️] 18:00 – [Brief history of the town☀️] 24:00 – [Via Iafolla] 33:25 – [Old Castle of Villalago] 38:42 – [Church of the Madonna Addolorata – tour inside☀️] 41:00 – […descending…] 48:00 – [Via Ernesto Grossi] 50:30 – [Piazza Celestino Lupi]

Top Village Walks: Vieux Colmar In France (4K)

Vieux Colmar is known for its canals, cobbled streets lined with half-timbered houses, and Alsatian restaurants. Bakeries, bars, and cafes cluster around Place des Dominicains, and the Koïfhus is an event space inside the old customs house. Cultural treasures include the medieval Isenheim Altarpiece at Unterlinden Museum; the House of Heads, with grotesques by Bartholdi; and St. Martin’s Collegiate, a Gothic church. 

Village Walks: Ragusa – Southeastern Sicily (4K)

Ragusa is a hilltop city in southeast Sicily, Italy. Ragusa Ibla, the old town, is home to many baroque buildings, like the Duomo di San Giorgio, a grand church with paintings and stained-glass windows.

Video timeline: 0:00 Drone intro and Map 1:06 Percoso delle Scale 2:47 Santa Maria delle Scale 7:25 Palazzo dell’ex Cancelleria 8:57 Chiesa anime del Purgatorio 13:27 Via del Mercato 16:13 Via XI Febbraio 19:00 Via Tenente di Stefano 21:16 Salita de Gaspano 22:31 Via Dottor Solarino 24:25 Stairs down to the Cathedral 27:42 Piazza Duomo 28:28 Duomo di San Giorgio 35:57 Piazza Duomo 38:13 Palazzo Battaglia 43:14 Piazza Duomo 44:14 Circolo di Conversazione 44:26 Corso XXV Aprile 45:28 Church of Saint Joseph 49:17 Giardino Ibleo 56:39 Chiesa di San Vincenzo Ferreri 57:41 Portale di San Giorgio

There are sweeping views from the Giardino Ibleo, a public park with churches and fountains. In Ragusa Superiore, the city’s more modern part, is ornate Ragusa Cathedral, with a museum of religious art and relics.

Village Walks: Frigiliana – Andalusia, Spain (4K)

Frigiliana is a town in southern Spain. It’s known for its Moorish old quarter and narrow streets decorated with ceramic mosaics. El Ingenio is a 16th-century Renaissance palace now housing a sugar cane factory. Exhibits at the Archaeological Museum include Neolithic bones, Phoenician pottery and a 16th-century dagger. Sierras de Tejeda, Almijara y Alhama Natural Park shelters Spanish ibex and peregrine falcons. 

Walks: San Gimignano – Tuscany, Italy (4K Video)

San Gimignano is an Italian hill town in Tuscany, southwest of Florence. Encircled by 13th-century walls, its old town centers on Piazza della Cisterna, a triangular square lined with medieval houses. It has a skyline of medieval towers, including the stone Torre Grossa. The Duomo di San Gimignano is a 12th-century church with frescoes by Ghirlandaio in its Santa Fina Chapel.