Aerial Views: Orlando – Central Florida (4K)

Orlando, a city in central Florida, is home to more than a dozen theme parks. Chief among its claims to fame is Walt Disney World, comprised of parks like the Magic Kingdom and Epcot, as well as water parks. Another major destination, Universal Orlando, offers Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure, with the Wizarding World of Harry Potter straddling both. 

Classic Road Trips: Route 66 From Hackleberry To Seligman, Arizona (Video)

Historic US Route 66—the Mother Road, also known as the Main Street of America—used to take drivers all the way from Chicago, Ill. to Santa Monica, Calif. along one continuous route.

Though its heyday is gone, travelers still find their way to Route 66, drawn by the history, nostalgia and places that dot its roadside. Arizona contains one of the longest remaining stretches of the original Route 66, extending across the state from Holbrook (east) to Kingman (west).

Journey with us as we meet some of the more unusual and famous people and places along the route, starting in Hackberry, 20 miles northeast of Kingman, and ending in Seligman, home of Angel Delgadillo, who helped lead the preservation of Route 66.

Italian Racing Cars: The ‘1962 Ferrari 268 SP’ (Video)

This 286 SP claims extreme rarity in the Ferrari lineage as one of just six SP racers originally built and one of only two examples originally equipped with the developmental Maranello eight-cylinder engine. Boasting associations with legendary drivers like Lorenzo Bandini, Harry Heuer, Olivier Gendebien, and Ricardo Rodriguez, chassis 0798 was an integral part of Ferrari’s sports prototype development and racing campaign, and it laid the foundational groundwork for the famed Ferrari P cars. It is also no doubt a cornerstone of the 1964 SCCA D Modified Championship. As such, 0798 has been extensively chronicled and photographed in numerous books and articles, including significant coverage in John Godfrey’s authoritative 1990 volume Ferrari Dino SPs as well as a multi-part feature in Cavallino.

Voyages: ‘SeaLegacy’ Crew Films A Dolphin Pod In The Bahamas, Caribbean Sea

In the second episode of SeaLegacy: The Voyage, Sony Artisans of Imagery Paul Nicklen and Cristina Mittermeier, along with the rest of the SeaLegacy crew, discover sometimes things don’t always go to plan. See how the crew manages the challenge and creates a new game plan when dealing with a sometimes uncooperative dolphin pod. Learn more:…

Science: Mapping A Bat’s Navigation Neurons In 3D, Poison Dart Frogs, Fabrics

Researchers uncover how grid cells fire in a 3D space to help bats navigate, and a fabric that switches between being stiff and flexible.

In this episode:

00:47 Mapping a bat’s navigation neurons in 3D

Grid cells are neurons that regularly fire as an animal moves through space, creating a pattern of activity that aids navigation. But much of our understanding of how grid cells work has involved rats moving in a 2D plane. To figure out how the system works in a 3D space, researchers have mapped the brain activity of bats flying freely around a room.

Research Article: Ginosar et al.

07:44 Research Highlights

How a ‘toxin sponge’ may protect poison dart frogs from themselves, and the world’s oldest known coin foundry has been found.

Research Highlight: An absorbing tale: poison dart frogs might have a ‘toxin sponge’

Research Highlight: Found: the world’s oldest known mint and its jumbo product

09:59 A flexible fabric that transforms from soft to rigid (and back again)

Researchers have created a ‘tunable’ fabric, inspired by medieval chainmail, that when compressed changes from flexible to rigid. The stiffened structure can hold 30 times its own weight, and the team behind it suggest this material could be used to build temporary shelters or have medical applications.

Research article: Wang et al.

16:33 Stark warning from the IPCC’s latest report

This week the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released its long awaited report detailing compiling the latest climate science data. Nature’s Jeff Tollefson joins us to discuss the report and the warnings it contains for our warming world.

News: IPCC climate report: Earth is warmer than it’s been in 125,000 years

Previews: Country Life Magazine – August 11

SPA TOWNS: A mineral-laced spring could lead to a profitable resort for Georgian landowners. Clive Aslet dips into spa towns.

HOT AIR BALLOONS: Levi jeans, Van Gogh’s head and a dinosaur — they’ve all taken flight through Cameron Balloons in Somerset.

WALTER SCOTT: Despite inventing the historical novel, Walter Scott’s books are often left on the shelf. Why is that, asks Jack Watkins, on the writer’s 250th anniversary.

CARLA CARLISLE: Carla on dogs raging at the dying of the light.

GREEK ARCHITECTURE: Marking the 200th anniversary of the completion of St Pancras Church, Harry Mount considers the 19th-century enthusiasm for Greek architecture.

INTERIORS: Romantic sash windows have their fans and detractors.

LUXURY: Hetty Lintell is by the pool.

CHILLI: Tom Parker Bowles was drawn into the chilli’s fiery embrace from a young age.

ELTON HALL: Tilly Ware visits the transformed historic gardens of Elton Hall in Huntingdonshire, where much of the past is a mystery.

And much more…

Views: China Prepares For 2022 Winter Olympics (BBC)

Beijing will become the first city to have staged both a summer and winter Games, having already hosted a successful summer Olympics in 2008. China is already getting ready for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. Justin Downes, a Canadian winter sports specialist has been advising games organizers. “There is no question that Beijing will be ready as all the competition venues are ready for the Games and they have already hosted test events.” Some organisations are calling on governments to boycott Beijing 2022 because of reported human rights abuses in the country.

Alpine Walk: Kandersteg – Switzerland (4K Video)

Kandersteg is a high-altitude resort village in the Bernese Oberland region of Switzerland. Trails, like the challenging Allmenalp, and a cable car head east to Lake Oeschinen. Set at the foot of the Blüemlisalp massif, the lake is also a popular ski area, as is Sunnbüel to the southwest. In the forested Blausee Nature Park to the north, Blausee is a small, trout-filled lake fed by subterranean springs. 

Views: Cycling Bridge On Donge River, Netherlands

Cycling across the river Donge on the Willem Letschertbrug. More information in the blog post:… and the video report:

Geertruidenberg is a city and municipality in the province North Brabant in the south of the Netherlands. The city, named after Saint Gertrude of Nivelles, received city rights in 1213 from the count of Holland. The fortified city prospered until the 15th century.