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Top Camping Products: “Ger Tent” Mongolian Four Season Tents (Video)

The most durable and comfortable four seasonal tent based on Mongolian Ger technology with 3,000 years of history. GerTent has the best features of both Mongolian ger and modern tent. It offers comfortable living space that is round and strong stability of Mongol ger and simple portability of modern tent.

GerTent can be assembled in 10-15 minutes by two people. As for the materials used for production includes aluminum 6061 for the metal parts, Poly cotton canvas for tent cover, 540gsm ripstop PVC for the floor. We’ve successfully tested the tent against strong winds of the great plains of Mongolia.


Top New Camper Vans: “2020 Storyteller Overland Mode 4X4”

The all new MODE 4×4™ is built on the rugged Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 144 4×4 platform. Authentically designed with daily drivers, weekend warriors, full time vanlifers, and long-range overlanders in mind… with an infinitely adaptive floor plan.

The MODE 4×4™ is equipped with a forward thinking, user friendly feature set that includes the industry first LiveFree™ OTG sustainable, automotive grade energy management system (powered by Volta).

With this 12kw clean energy lithium battery system you will have all the power you need to enjoy life on the road and off the grid without the noise, inconvenience, and fumes that accompany the fossil fuel generator setups of traditional RVs.


Trends: “2020 Jeep E-Bike” Unveiled – 40 Mile Range For Off-Road Terrain

Jeep E-Bike Powered by QuietKat Off Road Suspension 2020The first ever Jeep® e-Bike powered by QuietKat. It’s the most capable off-road electric mountain bike there is. When the road ends, your adventure continues with the all-new Jeep e-Bike. Kick it into high gear. Available June 2020.

Get up to 40 miles on a single charge with the power and efficiency of the 750 Watt electric motor. The 4.8” fat tires can tackle the most extreme terrain. The Fire-Link™ suspension has all the tractive capability you’ve come to expect from the Jeep® brand.


New Travel Videos: “Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia 2019” By Indo-Pacific Films

This is a showreel showcasing some of our work from 2019. Most of this showreel has been taken in the Nusa Tenggara Region in Indonesia at the islands of Alor, Komodo, Flores and Bali.

2019 has been an incredible journey that took us close to some of the most beautiful and fascinating cultures as well as spectacular sceneries and great encounters with the most captivating marine life.

The locations and the people featured:

0-11 sec. Kelimutu Volcano Sunrise – Flores Island.
11-41 sec. The Traditional Waving ( Ikat ) from the tribes – Maumere mountains – Flores.
41 sec. to 1:05 sec. Samambaia Liveaboard and dolphins in Komodo and Alor.
1:05 sec. to 1:32 sec. Talent Freediver Leona Chen from China in Nusa Penida island, Bali.
1:32 sec. to 1:47 sec. Manta Ray from Manta Point dive site in Nusa Penida, Bali.
1:47 sec. to 2:16 sec. Talent Freediver Leona Chen at the Liberty Shipwreck Dive site in Tulamben, Bali.
2:16 sec. to 2:41sec. Fishermen from Alor Island
2:41 sec. till End Manta, Speed boat, Reef and Samata Luxury Liveaboard filmed in Komodo Island.


Top Camper Vans: “Yama Nomad” – Tiny 4X4 Homes

From the Yama Nomad website:

Yama Nomad Camper Van InteriorThis sophisticated and badass 2018 Mercedes Sprinter van conversion is the ultimate #vanlife test drive. The 170” wheelbase allows for all the necessities of a tiny home, while the 4X4 will keep you safe on the road (or off).


  • Custom, handmade leather seats (for those long road trip days)

  • AUX, Bluetooth, USB

  • Backup Camera

Yama Nomad Camper Vans


  • Pine Magazine
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    Farmhouse sink with pull-down faucet

  • Dual burner cook top

  • Kitchen utensils, pots, pans & coffee maker

  • Freezer & Refrigerator

  • Outlet

  • Control center – van monitoring

  • Skylight


  • Shower with removable shower head

  • Composting toilet

  • Baby skylight

Yama Nomad Website


Top Camper Vans: “Iglhaut Allrad USA” – “All-Wheel Drive Off-Road Reliability”

From the Iglhaut Allrad USA website:

Ighaut Allrad USA is the exclusive US partner for Iglhaut Allrad. Iglhaut Allrad has been converting Mercedes 2 wheel drive commercial vehicles into truly capable off-road vehicles for over 35 years. We take a 2 wheel drive Mercedes Sprinter or Metric and convert it into permanent all wheel drive with a perfect 50/50 front to rear power split.Iglhaut Allrad USA Mercedes Offroad Vans

We can add three locking differentials, off-road high/low transfer case, suspension and brake upgrade, wheel well enlargement with fender flares to accommodate 18”light weight alloy wheels with up to 37” BF Goodrich KM3 Mud-Terrain tires, under body protection, rear door spare tire carrier, centrifugal snorkel, and 47.5 gallon fuel tank, for the most capable off-road van which retains all of its on road performance and handling characteristics.

Iglhaut Allrad is a World Wide Mercedes Van Partner and their conversion does not void the base vehicles warranty. Iglhaut Allrad USA facilitates the purchase of an Iglhaut converted vehicle for North American customers. All conversions are done in Germany at Iglhaut and turnaround time is about 6 month. Iglhaut Allrad USA takes care of all logistics and can help with the acquisition of the 2 wheel drive base vehicle.

Website: https://iglhautallradusa.com/?mc_cid=dce5bf23f0&mc_eid=c5f4960b01

Adventure Travel Videos: “Wingsuit Flying In Switzerland” (Red Bull)

Join the Red Bull Air Force for a wingsuit flying adventure as they travel into Switzerland’s Vaud Alps.

Wingsuit Flying in Switzerland Red Bull Film December 2019

Red Bull Air Force members Mike Swanson, Miles Daisher and Andy Farrington start their journey in the town of Bex, Switzerland, eventually making it to the top of the Les Diablerets glacier—a whopping 3,210 meters above sea level.

Wingsuit Flying in Switzerland Red Bull Film December 2019

Watch as the crew, joined by athletes Roberta Mancino and Scotty Bob Morgan wingsuit fly past “Glacier 3000,” a suspension bridge connecting two mountain peaks. With scenic views and jaw-dropping action, it’s the Swiss adventure of a lifetime— presented with the support of Villars-Gryon-Les Diablerets-Bex-Glacier 3000.

Website: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLnuf8iyXggLEp_2gb3jtTm_D4nle3jrnz