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Cinematic Views: ‘Islandia Symphonia’ In Iceland (4K)

“Describing Iceland in words or pictures would be so reductive. You have to live these wide open spaces, feel the heat of its soil, the air coming from these glaciers, hear the creaking of the lapilli under your feet and the rumbling of its volcanoes. We had discovered Iceland more than 10 years ago. As I often say, I left a part of my soul there. A revelation as a traveler and as an creator. But so many years later, the feelings have not changed. At the time, I was just discovering photography. I came back to it as a filmmaker to capture this symphony of wonders.”

Filmed and Directed by: Gilles Havet


Cinematic Short Films: ‘Watchtower Of China’

Directed and Edited by Leonardo Dalessandri

Creating Watchtower of China was a labour of love. I say labour because we, meaning my crew and I, throughout three consecutive summers, visited over seventy cities and travelled countless thousands of kilometers. Everywhere we went, we found ourselves channelling the powerful energy of this great land to find the strength and inspiration to continue our quest along what became life-changing for all of us. When we initially gathered together we were a film crew. By the time we were done, three years later, we had become a family.

I say love, because what we have created is more than just a film. It is a declaration of our love for this Country.

When I set out on this project I wanted to create a visual tribute to China – an honest observation of daily life. Not a surface travelog, but a real and raw representation of the cultural history. An honoring of Chinese culture, identity, and the complex and varied way of living that spans the enormity of the Chinese territory. A window on the dedication and discipline, the craftsmanship and hard work of the Chinese people. They have an energy of moving forward together as they draw power and inspiration from a culture that looks back over thousands of years, yet rushes fearlessly towards a bold future.

I started to feel this intense energy, as though this cultural pride and determination were now moving through me and my camera. The experience of this film buried itself so deeply within me that I can still feel the hard day’s work in my muscles.

It couldn’t have come together without the help of my dear friends, especially Jolien Snyers and Ricky Choy (did you spot Ricky in the film? She’s in multiple shots and sings in the very last taxi shot!)

It is one of my proudest accomplishments.
I hope you love it.

INSTAGRAM: instagram.com/leonardodalessandri
FACEBOOK: facebook.com/leonardolucadalessandri

MUSIC by Ezio Bosso
© Sony Music Italy – Buxus Edizioni

Views: The Cinematic Soul Of Portofino, Italy (4K)

Delve into the cinematic legacy of Portofino. This year Belmond were thrilled to team up with the Italian Riviera Film Festival to celebrate Portofino’s silver screen heritage, producing a heartfelt short film presented by beloved actor Alessandro Gassmann. Commissioned by Belmond from local production company Flying Donkeys, the film honours legendary actor, director, screenwriter and Splendido guest, Vittorio Gassmann – Alessandro’s father.

Cinematic Short Films: ‘The Elephant’s Song’

This is the story of Old Bet, the first circus elephant in America, set to a tune sung by her friend, an old farm dog. Their story is portrayed in colorful, handcrafted animation, created frame by frame with clay-on-glass and oil pastel animation.

Animated and Directed by Lynn Tomlinson
Written by Lynn Tomlinson and Sam Saper
Music and lyrics by Sam Saper
Vocals by Deletta Gillespie and Brooks Long
Instrumentals and arrangement by Trucker Talk: Abby Becker, Greg Bowen, Jessica Keyes, Rich Kolm
Sound Effects by Elsa Lankford
Sound recorded and engineered by Shea Springer, Sweetfoot Studio
Additional animation by Lucy Saper and M.C. Tomlinson

Audience Choice, Best Short Animation, Providence Children’s Film Festival, 2020
Climate, Environment, Biodiversity Prize, Festival Le Temps Presse, Paris, 2020
Best Music, TOFUZI, Batumi, Georgia, 2019
Best Narrative Short, Programmers Award, 32nd annual Virginia Film Festival, Charlottesville, VA, 2019
Best Animated Short, Sidewalk Film Festival, Birmingham, AL, 2019
ASIFA East, Independent Films, 1st Prize, NY, 2019
ASIFA East, Excellence in Music, NY, 2019
ASIFA East, Women in Animation Award, NY, 2019
Global Insights Stellar Award (Top Award), Black Maria Film Festival, 2019
Best Animation, NatureTrack Film Festival, CA, 2019
Best Short Film, Environmental Film Festival at Yale, New Haven, CT, 2019
Best Animation, Nevada Women’s Film Festival, Las Vegas, NV 2019
Best Animated Short, SENE Fest, Providence, RI, 2019
Best Sound Design, Chesapeake Film Festival, Easton, MD, 2019
Best Environmental Short Film, Chesapeake Film Festival, Easton, MD, 2019
Best Animation, Big Muddy Film Festival, Carbondale, IL, 2019
First Prize, Made in Baltimore Short Film Festival, Baltimore, MD, 2018
Best Experimental, 2nd Place, Los Angeles Animation Festival, CA, 2018
Best of Festival, Peekskill Film Festival, Peekskill, NY, 2018
Best Animation, Peekskill Film Festival, Peekskills, NY, 2018
Award of Merit for Animation, University Film & Video Association, Las Cruces, NM, 2018

Top New CGI Videos: ‘Lost Places’ By Fabian Aerts

Produced and Directed by: Fabian Aerts

Lost Places is a little series i worked on the last couple of weeks. The initial idea was to challenge myself in the creation of full CG environments. I wanted to create large scale scenes and elaborated landscapes. But next to that, the mysterious beauty of abandoned places always fascinated me. I’m addicted to travel but unfortunately the current pandemic and the lock down forced us to stay safe at home for long months so i guess it was for me the only way to explore some far away lands and imaginary countries. Alan Watts wise words resonated and helped me put all this research together and make sense of it. 

Top New Animated Videos: “A Mind Sang” By Vier Nev – “Transfixing Perception”

“A Mind Sang” is a Cinematic Visual Poem Animated Short Film Directed by Vier Nev.

Directed and animated by Vier Nev

SOUND EFFECTS | Francisca Dores, Henrik Ferrara
SOUND TEAM MANAGER | Francisca Dores

A short film about perception, rebirth and transformation.

“A Mind Sang” is the winner of the Vimeo Staff Pick Award at the 2020 Annecy International Animation Film Festival.

A Mind Sang - Vier Nev Director and Animator 2020

Read more about it on the Vimeo blog

PICCOLO | Simão Pinto
FLUTES | Melanie Gil, Ana Teixeira
OBOE | Gabriela Pereira
CLARINET | Joana Lima
BASS CLARINET | António Lopes
BASSOON | Adriana Gonçalves
CONTRABASSOON | José Miguel Oliveira
FRENCH HORNS | Cristiana Azoia, Luis Oliveira
TRUMPET | Pedro Jerónimo
TUBA | José Santos
VIOLINS | Alice Abreu, Daví Rabog, Tiago Rodrigues, Yuri Gomes
VIOLAS | Catarina Gonçalves, Luís Silva
CELLOS | João Geraldo, Dinis Lecomte
DOUBLE BASS | Amã Oliveira


Cinematic Short Films: “The Heartbeats Of Memory” Directed By Nono Ayuso (2019)

Filmed, Edited and Directed by: NONO AYUSO

The Heartbeats Of Memory Cinematic Poem Short Film By NONO AYUSO 2019

The Memory: Roberta Coppa
VO Artist: Chloe Dunn

“It starts with a journey.
Imagine a film that captures every instant
And for each frame, a memory.”

The Heartbeats Of Memory Cinematic Poem Short Film By NONO AYUSO 2019

Music and Sound Design: Paulo Gallo

Grading: Fran Cóndor
Compositing and VFX: Damian Todd
Graphic Design: Nico Ordozgoiti

Shot in Super 8 in Japan. April-June 2019.

The Heartbeats Of Memory Cinematic Poem Short Film By NONO AYUSO 2019

Website: https://nono.film/