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California Wildfires: How Climate, Government & Housing Fueled The Crisis

Wildfires are a fact of life in California but extent and devastation in the American West feel dramatic this year: More than 5 million areas of uncontrolled fires lead to incredible footage on the news & reports of orange skies in Oakland or San Francisco. The 2020 fire season has broken almost every record in terms of frequency and ferocity. We analyzed several factors like climate change, housing development and fire suppression & management to see what’s behind the largest and most destructive wildfires in the state’s history and what can be done to solve the worsening problem?

Wine Business Video: ‘The Impact Of Wildfires On California Wineries’ (WSJ)

More than a dozen wineries in Napa and Sonoma Counties have suffered losses related to recent wildfires in California. WSJ talks to the owner of Castello di Amorosa, whose warehouse of 120,000 bottles of wine was burned to the ground.

Photo: Samuel Corum/AFP

Morning News Podcast: Reassessing Forests And Fires, College Reopenings

Nearly 3.5 million acres of land have burned in California, making this the largest wildfire season recorded in the state’s history – and it’s only September. Fires are still raging up the entire west coast, air quality remains unhealthy, and entire forests have been decimated.

Our relationship with forests and fire is changing and will play a big role in how forests evolve.

  • Plus, how colleges are reopening without a surge in infections.
  • And, with the start of the Jewish New Year, synagogue High Holy Day services are going virtual.

Guests: Axios’ Bryan Walsh, Alison Snyder, and Erica Pandey and Benjy Renton, senior at Middlebury College.

Morning News Podcast: 35 Dead In Western fires, New Tropical Storm Sally

This Morning With Gordon Deal reports: At least 35 dead as fires continue to rage across the west, the Gulf Coast braces for Tropical Storm Sally and how to build a resilient business during a pandemic.

World News Podcast: California Fire Deaths, Afghanistan Peace Talks & India’s Covid Cases Soar

CBC Radio reports: The search for the dead in California wildfires, peace talks for Afghanistan, a surge of Covid cases in India and other top news.

Morning News Podcast: Oregon Fire Evacuations, Covid-19 Aid Bill Blocked

Deadly wildfires rage in Western states, GOP ‘Skinny’ bill on coronavirus aid is blocked by Democrats, and 9/11 responders give assist to coronavirus essential workers.

Morning News Podcast: Wildfires Rage, President Trump & Joe Biden Spar

Wildfires rage in California, stoked by extreme heat, President Trump and Joe Biden go on the offensive, and renegotiating your bills.

Morning News Podcast: Covid-19 Cases, High Heat And Fires IN California

Health experts are warning that with Labor Day celebrations in full swing, the US could see another COVID-19 spike. Also, rescue operations continue after a record heat wave in California intensifies wildfires trapping campers in the Sierra National Forest this weekend. And, Beirut’s search for survivors ends as the country continues to recover one month after a massive blast tore through the city.

Morning News Podcast: Republican Convention, California Wildfires

Axios’ Jonathan Swan says to expect less of a traditional Republican National Convention and more of a reality TV show, featuring President Trump every night.

  • Plus, how the pandemic makes fighting California wildfires even harder.
  • And, an exclusive Harris poll shows Americans agree on who should get a COVID vaccine first.

Guests: Axios’ Jonathan Swan, Sam Baker and freelance environmental reporter Miranda Green.