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Morning News: Russia’s New North-South-China Axis, Hydrogen Projects

A.M. Edition for July 18. Russia’s war in Ukraine has isolated it from the West. Now, Russian President Vladimir Putin is betting on building a new diplomatic, economic and security network along the North-South axis, in alliance with China.

Jerry Seib, the WSJ’s former Capital Journal columnist and Washington executive editor, discusses why Russia is shifting strategy and what this will mean for the West. Annmarie Fertoli hosts.

Elderly Health Apps: Apple iPhone Fall Prevention

Reviews: GM’s Cadillac Electric Vehicle Shift

General Motors plans to phase out nearly all of its gas and diesel vehicles by 2035. Leading that transition is the first fully electric Cadillac. WSJ’s Mike Colias visited a GM testing site for a ride and an exclusive interview with GM’s President Mark L. Reuss. Photo Illustration: Alexander Hotz

Covid-19: What To Know About Booster Shots (WSJ)

The Biden administration announced that Americans who have been fully vaccinated with a two-dose regimen against Covid-19 should receive a booster, citing the threat from the highly contagious Delta variant. WSJ breaks down what you need to know. Photo: Kamil Krzaczynski/Reuters