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Top New Travel Videos: “Mojave” In Southeastern California (Arthur Cauty)

Filmed and Edited by: Arthur Cauty

First little test shoot with my new Panasonic S1H. Shot in V-Log in 4k & some cropped 6k. Features both S1H & A7S night time lapse footage as I wanted to see how the S1H held up to my A7S for time lapse and specifically astrophotography. I shot this in January though so no Milky Way, just stars and clouds.


New Travel Videos: “Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest” (Pattiz Brothers)

Filmed and Directed by: Jim Pattiz and Will Pattiz

Produced by: More Than Just Forests
Music by: The Lady & I (“Sky’s The Limit”)
Sponsored by: Visit Utah

From the creators of More Than Just Parks, More Than Just Forests proudly presents More Than Just Forests | Uinta-Wasatch-Cache! Join us as we take you on a visual journey through one of the most stunning and unique regions in the country. Explore mountains, valleys, forests, canyons, and meadows that are home to some of north america’s most treasured animals and landscapes. This is the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest.


Travel & Nature Videos: “Rogue River”, Oregon (Conservation Alliance)

The Conservation Alliance 30 Years LogoOn October 2, 2018 – the 50th anniversary of the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act – a bill to protect wild rivers and lands in Oregon moved one step closer to the finish line. The Oregon Wildlands Act (S.1548) passed through the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources suggesting it is ready for the spotlight – approval from the full Senate and House and a signature by the President.

Senators Wyden and Merkely’s Oregon Wildlands Act brings together longstanding efforts to protect outstanding rivers and wild landscapes in Oregon. If passed, the bill would protect 90,000 acres of Wilderness in the Devil’s Staircase and Wild Rogue areas, add 256 miles of Oregon rivers to the Wild & Scenic system, safeguard 128,000 acres of the Rogue and Molalla Rivers as Recreation Areas and withdraw an important section of the Chetco River from new mining claims.

Rogue River Oregon The Conservation Alliance Uncage The Soul Video January 7 2020

Fifty years ago the Lower Rogue River was one of the original eight rivers designated under the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act. The Oregon Wildlands Act would grant nearly 100 miles of tributaries of the Lower Rogue River with the same protections. And, protecting the Rogue, it’s tributaries and it’s surrounding wild landscapes is good for businessAccording to a 2009 economic report, river-based recreation on and near the Wild & Scenic Rogue River accounted for nearly $30 million in economic output and 445 full and part time jobs.

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Travel & Nature Videos: “Castleton Tower”, Utah (Conservation Alliance)

This The Conservation Alliance success story is a classic. In 2001, funding by The Conservation Alliance lead to the acquisition of 221 acres surrounding iconic Castleton Tower in Castle Valley, Utah—home to one of the “Fifty Classic Climbs of North America.”

Castleton Tower Utah The Conservation Alliance Uncage The Soul Video January 7 2020

In the clip, you’ll see Dave Erley, former two-term mayor of Castle Valley, and Wendy Fisher, Executive Director of Utah Open Lands, explain the history of the Castleton Tower Preservation Initiative. Once threatened by development, the climbing community and Utah Open Lands worked together to secure permanent access to Castleton Tower.

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Nature Videos: Steelhead Sanctuary, Oregon (Conservation Alliance)

The first video in our six-part success story series celebrates the new 99,000-acre Steamboat Creek Steelhead Sanctuary along Oregon’s Umpqua River.

The Conservation Alliance - Steamboat Creek Steelhead Sanctuary Oregon Uncage The Soul Productions Video January 2020

The backstory: Frank and Jeanne Moore are decades-long stewards and conservation champions for the Steamboat Creek watershed, located in the northeastern portion of the Umpqua River basin, and recognize it as a sanctuary for wildlife, plants, and people.

The Conservation Alliance - Steamboat Creek Steelhead Sanctuary Oregon Uncage The Soul Productions Frank and Jeanne Moore Video January 2020

While recent protections identify the wild steelhead as the preeminent beneficiary, Frank also discovered that spending time fly fishing along the river in this area acted as therapy for PTSD induced by his service in World War II.

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See the full video here and follow the grantees who helped protect this wild place: Pacific Rivers and Backcountry Hunters & Anglers.

Food & Wine Review: Colorado Wine Regions Expand Amidst Challenges For Vineyards At Highest Elevations In The World

Colorado Wine CountryVineyards in Colorado are mostly nestled in the temperate, high elevation river valleys and mesas of Mesa and Delta counties, with some acreage in Montezuma county. Colorado’s grape growing regions range in elevation from 4,000 to 7,000 feet and are thus among the highest vineyards in the world, resulting in hot days accompanied by cool nights.

Grand Valley AVA wines in Colorado

The ‘continental climate’ in these regions create day to night temperature variations topically ranging from 25 to 30 degrees during the grape maturation months of August and September. The long warm daylight hours of intense high-altitude sunlight mature the fruit completely and build the natural sugars. The cool evenings cause the grapes to retain the acids so vital to premium winemaking. However, the high altitude can also present a challenge to grape growers, in that the average frost free growing season ranges from 150 to 182 days.

Website: https://coloradowine.com/the-tradition/

AMERICA THE BOUNTIFUL Regions once considered wine deserts are producing in-demand bottles as a new wave of winemakers boldly redraw the map of American wine regions. ILLUSTRATION BETH HOECKEL
AMERICA THE BOUNTIFUL Regions once considered wine deserts are producing in-demand bottles as a new wave of winemakers boldly redraw the map of American wine regions. ILLUSTRATION: BETH HOECKEL

Read Wall Street Jouranl article on young winemakers: https://www.wsj.com/articles/the-wines-to-buy-this-thanksgiving-a-guide-to-americas-up-and-coming-regions-11573836307


Top New Travel Videos: “Redwoods” Directed By Rudy Wilms (2019)

Filmed and Directed by: Rudy Wilms

Redwoods Nature Film by Rudy Wilms (2019)

There is no other forest in the world then this one with it largest tree in the world. The redwoods are the tallest, among the oldest,and one of the most massive tree species on Earth.I am so grateful for the work of the Save the Redwoods League, that was founded in 1918 to preserve remaining old-growth nearly 90% of the original redwood trees had been logged. It was our biggest challenge to capture the true beauty and greatness of these giants this is definitely a park you need to see with your own eyes we have visited many different national park but this one is so magical I truly believe it should be on one of the wonders of the world list.No wonder Jurassic Park and one of the Star wars was filmed here this forest feel so ancient when we saw fern canyon I could easily imagine the dinosaur passing us when we walked in the canyon.

Redwoods Nature Film by Rudy Wilms (2019)

Website: http://www.rudywilms.com/