Architecture/Design: enki Magazine – November 2022

enki Magazine – Novemver 2022

Treehotel adds Biosphere retreat | Enclosed in 350 birdhouses

Treehotel has revealed its eighth experimental retreat called Biosphere, which is suspended between two trees and wrapped in a façade of 350 birdhouses. 

Designed by BIG in collaboration with Swedish ornithologist Ulf Öhman, the boutique hotel room is designed to immerse guests in nature and to help facilitate the conservation of the local bird population. The 34-square-metre glazed cube is surrounded by a metal grid that supports the timber-made birdhouses of various sizes, and creates its spherical form. 

Yellowstone Park Views: Bull Elks Fall ‘Bugling’

“Sunday Morning” leaves us this morning with elk bugling at Yellowstone National Park. Videographer: Doug Jensen.

Yellowstone’s autumn is defined in many ways-frost on morning grass, color creeping into shimmering aspen leaves, ice rimming mountain ponds. There are sights and smells to a Yellowstone autumn, elements that, if you’ve visited here many times, become as familiar as old friends. But nothing etches the lens through which we see fall as much as the rut of the elk, Cervus alaphus. The reason for this is almost entirely auditory.

The Sound of a Bull Elk in Autumn

If you’ve never heard the bugle of the bull elk during the fall rutting period, you are in for an experience that is at once thrilling and haunting. The sound of a bull elk bugling is something that draws many visitors to Yellowstone each autumn, for it is an experience as memorable as anything you are likely to have in the park. In most cases, the bugle starts low and throaty, rising to a high whistle, then dropping to a grunt or a series of grunts. It’s a sound that is difficult for the human alphabet to imitate, a guttural bellow, a shrill pitch, and a hollow grunting. A-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-eeeeeeeeeeeeee-oh. Ee-uh. Ee-uh. Ee-uh. It’s an odd combination that, like the buzz of your first rattlesnake, you’ll never forget.

Village Walks: Manarola In Cinque Terre, Italy (4K)

Manarola is the second-smallest of the five towns of the Cinque Terre (after Corniglia), and the second town (after Riomaggiore) that you’ll encounter if you’re coming up the coast from the south. The colorful houses of Manarola seem to tumble down to its small harbor on the bright blue Ligurian Sea, making it one of the most photographed of the Cinque Terre’s picturesque villages.

Likely founded by the Romans, Manarola was built along a freshwater creek—its name is thought to refer to an ancient, large waterwheel (magna rota in Latin), a reproduction of which stands in the town. The current town dates to the 1300s, making it arguably the oldest of the Cinque Terre towns. Once part of the powerful Republic of Genoa, Manarola was once home to a castle and watchtower built to protect against marauding pirates. Historically and today, Manarola is known for Sciacchetrà, a sweet, highly-coveted dessert wine.

Life & Arts: FT Weekend Magazine – Oct 8/9, 2022


FT Weekend Magazine – October 8, 2022

In an exclusive interview, Tesla chief Elon Musk talks to FT editor Roula Khalaf about moving to Mars, saving free speech — and why ageing is the one ‘problem’ that should not be solved


Japan Views: A Night Walk In Fukuoka, Kyushu (4K)

Walking around the streets of Fukuoka, enjoying the nightlife ambiance from Nakasu to Tenjin.

Fukuoka, capital of Fukuoka Prefecture, sits on the northern shore of Japan’s Kyushu Island. It’s known for ancient temples, beaches and modern shopping malls, including Canal City. Maizuru Park contains ruins of 17th-century Fukuoka Castle. The central Hakata district contains Tōchō-ji Temple, home to a 10m wooden Buddha and the Hakata Machiya Folk Museum, with displays on daily life in the Meiji and Taishō eras. 

Cinematic Austrian Views: ‘I Dreamt Of Carinthia’ (4K)

Carinthia is a southern Austrian region in the eastern Alps that encompasses Austria’s highest mountain, Grossglockner. It’s characterized by alpine lakes and mountains, as well as medieval buildings such as Hochosterwitz Castle. The region’s capital of Klagenfurt sits on the shores of huge Lake Wörthersee, surrounded by vineyards. Its central Alter Platz (Old Square) has many Renaissance buildings.

Filmed and Edited by: MYGEMPICTURES

I personally love Carinthia. It is a wonderful place with many lakes, valleys and mountain ranges that has a relaxing and decelerating effect on me. Part of my family lives there, but unfortunately I can’t visit them as often as I would like. But in the times when I can’t be there, I look forward to my next visit, and live off the memories. That’s how my video “I dreamt of Carinthia” came about, which offers a wealth of drone shots in the most beautiful sunset and sunrise light, combined with emotional and melancholic-feeling music that makes me dream. Maybe you feel the same way? I hope you will enjoy watching. I would be happy if you give my video a “like”, leave me a comment and subscribe my channel for further videos. All your feedback helps me a lot, and I can promise you to show all my passion in my upcoming videos as well. Thanks in advance for your support and best regards!

Music: „VOLUNTEER“ by DAVID CELESTE, licensed by Epidemicsound.“ by EDGAR HOPP, licensed by Epidemicsound.

Sunday Morning: News Stories From Zurich, The Balkans, Tokyo & Vienna

Our weekend programme comes live from Monocle’s radio studio in Zürich, where Tyler Brûlé and a panel of special-guest thought leaders discuss key topics in front of a studio audience.

From Milan: Salone highlights, interviews and a daily running guide. More info.

Front Page: The New York Times – October 9, 2022


Blast on Crimean Bridge Deals Blow to Russian War Effort in Ukraine

Any impediment to traffic on the bridge could affect Russia’s ability to wage war in southern Ukraine, where Ukraine’s forces have been fighting an increasingly effective counteroffensive.

A Distracted Russia Is Losing Its Grip on Its Old Soviet Sphere

Russia’s domination of Central Asia and the Caucasus region is unraveling as the Kremlin focuses on the war in Ukraine — and border violence is flaring.

‘The Cash Monster Was Insatiable’: How Insurers Exploited Medicare for Billions

By next year, half of Medicare beneficiaries will have a private Medicare Advantage plan. Most large insurers in the program have been accused in court of fraud.