Cinematic Austrian Views: ‘I Dreamt Of Carinthia’ (4K)

Carinthia is a southern Austrian region in the eastern Alps that encompasses Austria’s highest mountain, Grossglockner. It’s characterized by alpine lakes and mountains, as well as medieval buildings such as Hochosterwitz Castle. The region’s capital of Klagenfurt sits on the shores of huge Lake Wörthersee, surrounded by vineyards. Its central Alter Platz (Old Square) has many Renaissance buildings.

Filmed and Edited by: MYGEMPICTURES

I personally love Carinthia. It is a wonderful place with many lakes, valleys and mountain ranges that has a relaxing and decelerating effect on me. Part of my family lives there, but unfortunately I can’t visit them as often as I would like. But in the times when I can’t be there, I look forward to my next visit, and live off the memories. That’s how my video “I dreamt of Carinthia” came about, which offers a wealth of drone shots in the most beautiful sunset and sunrise light, combined with emotional and melancholic-feeling music that makes me dream. Maybe you feel the same way? I hope you will enjoy watching. I would be happy if you give my video a “like”, leave me a comment and subscribe my channel for further videos. All your feedback helps me a lot, and I can promise you to show all my passion in my upcoming videos as well. Thanks in advance for your support and best regards!

Music: „VOLUNTEER“ by DAVID CELESTE, licensed by Epidemicsound.“ by EDGAR HOPP, licensed by Epidemicsound.

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