Art: The ‘Dazzling’ Artist Studios Of Damian Elwes

Matisse’s Studio in Collioure


Gauguin’s Studio in Marquesas Islands


Monet’s Studio in Giverny

DAMIAN ELWES is a British/American artist with studios in Santa Monica and Colombia.

Elwes chooses a moment in time when an artist is at their most inventive and then examines what was going on in their studios.


Books: The New York Times Book Review – Oct 30, 2022

In Barbara Kingsolver’s New Novel, an Appalachian David Copperfield

“Demon Copperhead” reimagines Dickens’s story in a modern-day rural America contending with poverty and opioid addiction.

A Literary Caper Across the Dining Rooms of Belfast and New York

“The Lemon” is the satirical debut by a team of three authors writing under the pseudonym S.E. Boyd.

Emily Dickinson, at Home in Her ‘Full-Color Life’

The poet’s house museum in Amherst, Mass., gets a vibrant, historically correct makeover, underlining that she was not just a reclusive woman in white.

Cinematic Travel: ‘8 Days Exploring Switzerland’

I’ve spent the last 8 days exploring the swiss alps mountains in autumn in Grindelwald, Zermatt, Appenzell, Lauterbrunnen, and Jungfrau area with no breaks, hoping to get as much epic footage as possible, since I was running out of time. Every day there was a hike for at least 5 hours and drive for 2 hours between every spot. I’ve spent 70% of the nights camping in front of these views just to catch the sunset and the sunrise.

Filmed and edited by: Bashir Abu Shakra

Cover Preview: Barron’s Magazine – Oct 31, 2022


Election Day Is Almost Here. What’s at Stake for the Economy.

From tax legislation to the debt-ceiling debate, a lot is riding on the next Congress. What to expect from divided government.

The Dow Wallops the Nasdaq. It Doesn’t Happen Often, But Don’t Expect It to End Soon.

Playing the Reshoring Boom

Chinese Stocks Look Cheap. But Bargain Hunters Risk Losing Big.

Meta Could Fix This—But Don’t Get Your Hopes Up

3 Reasons Why the Gloomy Headlines on Housing Are Wrong

Don’t Expect a Big Rally, Even if GOP Wins Control of Congress

News: Midterm Election Campaign, House Speaker Pelosi Husband Assaulted

PBS NewsHour – New York Times columnist David Brooks and Washington Post associate editor Jonathan Capehart join Judy Woodruff to discuss the week in politics, including the final days of the midterm campaign and the attack on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband.

Front Page: The New York Times – October 29, 2022


Elon Musk Starts Putting His Imprint on Twitter

The billionaire began as Twitter’s new owner by announcing a content moderation council and meeting employees, as some of the social media service’s users celebrated.

Elon Musk Takes Twitter, and Tech Deals, to Another Level

Silicon Valley moguls used to buy yachts and islands. Now they are rich enough, and perhaps arrogant enough, to acquire companies they fancy.

Inflation and Wages Continue to Climb Rapidly, in Bad News for the Fed

The Federal Reserve’s preferred inflation measure showed that price gains remained fast in September, and a gauge of wages it watches closely is climbing quickly.