Cocktails With A Curator: Antico’s “Hercules” (Video)

In this week’s episode of “Cocktails with a Curator,” we welcome the Frick’s new Assistant Curator of Sculpture, Giulio Dalvit. In his premiere episode, he discusses one of the important bronze statuettes in the collection, a “Hercules” by Antico. A celebrated artist of great technical virtuosity, Antico worked primarily for the powerful Gonzaga family in Mantua in the late fifteenth and early sixteenth centuries. In celebration of Isabella d’Este, the marchioness of Mantua and one of Antico’s patrons, thisweek’s complementary drink is a glass of Malvasia, a sweet wine that Isabella would drink at breakfast. To view this object in detail, please visit our website:

Defense: ‘Future Of The Aircraft Carrier’ (Video)

Expensive, massive and lethal, the aircraft carrier has been the cornerstone of American security for close to a century, but with advances in missile design, will it remain on top? Aircraft carriers are expensive. The latest carrier in the U.S. Navy, part of what’s called the Ford class, costs $12.8 billion per ship, and that’s before the cost of fixing new technology, aircraft flying off the deck and the cost of operating the carrier in the high seas for months at a time. The U.S. has more active aircraft carriers than every other country in the world combined. The U.S. Navy currently has ten Nimitz-class carriers, one Ford-class carrier and nine amphibious assault ships, which are smaller and focus on helicopters and short takeoff and vertical landing aircraft. A Nimitz-class carrier can carry a mix of F/A-18E/F Super Hornets, E-2D Hawkeye surveillance aircraft and an assortment of other support aircraft and helicopters. The carrier fighter of the future is the F-35C. But to field the new aircraft, most U.S. carriers will need to be upgraded.

Aerial Views: ‘Prague – Czech Republic’ (Video)

Prague, capital city of the Czech Republic, is bisected by the Vltava River. Nicknamed “the City of a Hundred Spires,” it’s known for its Old Town Square, the heart of its historic core, with colorful baroque buildings, Gothic churches and the medieval Astronomical Clock, which gives an animated hourly show. Completed in 1402, pedestrian Charles Bridge is lined with statues of Catholic saints.

Covid-19: ‘Why Variants Are Spreading Faster’

As highly transmissible coronavirus variants sweep across the world, scientists are racing to understand why these new versions of the virus are spreading faster, and what this could mean for vaccine efforts. New research says the key may be the spike protein, which gives the coronavirus its unmistakable shape. Illustration: Nick Collingwood/WSJ

World Economy: ‘China’s New Silk Road’ (Video)

The “New Silk Road” is an enormous Chinese international development project. It’s a trade network that involves Asia, Africa, and Europe — and more than 70 countries are already involved. It may turn the old world order upside down. China is investing in bridges, port facilities, railroads, and roads around the world. Beijing is spending several hundred billion euros on what it calls the “Silk Road Economic Belt.” Eastern European and the Balkan countries in particular are interested in Chinese loans and investments, as they look beyond the EU for sources of capital. In turn, the region is attractive to China because of its strategic position as a gateway to the West. A new coal-fired power plant is being built in Tuzla, Bosnia, with the help from China. But not everyone is in favor of the project. While the new plant will emit fewer emissions which will have a positive effect on air-quality, some question the country’s decision to commit to using coal for decades to come.

Walks: ‘Kandersteg’ In Switzerland (4K Video)

Kandersteg is a high-altitude resort village in the Bernese Oberland region of Switzerland. Trails, like the challenging Allmenalp, and a cable car head east to Lake Oeschinen. Set at the foot of the Blüemlisalp massif, the lake is also a popular ski area, as is Sunnbüel to the southwest. In the forested Blausee Nature Park to the north, Blausee is a small, trout-filled lake fed by subterranean springs. 

Morning News Podcast: Texas Drinking Water Probelms, Biden Speech

In Texas the power is back after several days for most of the population, but now they have to worry about whether the water is safe after treatment plants were temporarily offline.

 Also, President Biden gives his first speech to world leaders. He wants to move beyond his predecessor’s “America First” policies. And, Native American tribes have been hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic. But tribes are quickly and efficiently vaccinating their communities.

Winter Walk: Montmartre In Paris, France (4K Video)

Filmed February 10, 2021

Montmartre is a large hill in Paris’s 18th arrondissement. It is 130 m high and gives its name to the surrounding district, part of the Right Bank in the northern section of the city. 

WALKING ROUTE TIMESTAMPS◄ 00:00​ Intro, Map/ Place d’Anvers 01:20​ Boulevard Marguerite-de-Rochechouart 02:43​ Rue de Steinkerque 05:17​ Place Saint-Pierre 07:10​ Funiculaire de Montmartre 07:47​ Rue Foyatier 13:38​ Rue du Cardinal-Dubois 15:00​ Basilique du Sacré-Cœur de Montmartre 18:33​ Rue Azaïs 20:40​ Rue Saint-Éleuthère 22:00​ Église Saint-Pierre de Montmartre 23:36​ Place du Tertre 25:28​ Place du Calvaire 26:28​ Rue Poulbot 20:20​ Rue Norvins 29:47​ Rue Saint-Rustique 31:44​ Rue de Mont-Cenis 32:30​ Rue du Chevalier-de-La-Barre 36:39​ Square Marcel-Bleustein-Blanchet 39:20​ Rue Saint-Vincent 41:00​ Rue Mont-Cenis 42:54​ Rue Cortot 45:08​ Rue de l’Abreuvoir 48:05​ Rue Girardon 51:40​ Le Moulin de La Galette 52:44​ Rue l’Epic 54:30​ Rue Tholozé 57:00​ Rue Durantin 1:01:16​ Place des Abbesses 1:02:23​ Mur des je t’aime 1:03:41​ Église Saint-Jean de Montmartre 1:04:21​ Rue des Abbesses 1:09:03​ Rue l’Epic 1:12:43​ Moulin-Rouge

Travel Guides: ‘Nihonbashi In Tokyo, Japan’ (Video)

Nihonbashi has deep roots in finance. In the Edo period this was the commercial centre of the city, with bustling canals, streets and markets. Recently, the neighbourhood has been attracting attention once again as exciting new businesses set up shop. Look behind the modern face to discover centuries of history.

Nihonbashi is a buzzing commercial quarter named for its landmark 17th-century canal bridge. The imposing Mitsukoshi Nihonbashi department store has been serving shoppers since 1904, while Coredo Muromachi mall has modern, stylish restaurants as well as shops for kimonos and lacquerware. The Tokyo Stock Exchange has a small museum and is surrounded by izakaya bars that fill up with off-duty traders at happy hour.