Behind The Scenes Books: “Stealing The Show” By John Barelli Showcases The NY Metropolitan Museum Of Art Security

From a Wall Street Journal book review:

Stealing The Show John BarelliWhen Diana, Princess of Wales, attended the Met’s Costume Institute Gala in 1996, a black-tie-clad Mr. Barelli was at her side. “I wasn’t nervous, but the pressure!” he said. “You don’t want anything to go wrong.” The princess had one request: that he keep an eye on the black lace shoulder straps of her midnight blue Dior dress and adjust them if they slipped. “I almost told her: ‘Yeah, right, I have to touch your dress.’ That’s all I have to do. I think my wife would be a little upset,” he recalled. There was no wardrobe malfunction and the evening went off without a hitch, although Mr. Barelli remembers security concerns putting a damper on the fun-loving princess. “We couldn’t let her dance,” he said.

Mr. Barelli, now 70 years old, devoted much of his tenure to less-glamorous work, such as disposing of artifacts from would-be donors. In 2007, a curator in the Department of the Arts of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas received two shrunken human heads in the mail. The cardboard box had no return address, just a note donating the contents, which the sender said had come from friends in Ecuador. “They did have an odor,” said Mr. Barelli, who ultimately consigned the package to the city morgue.

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Boomers Fitness: 50-Year Old Man Paddles In An Outrigger Canoe Club To Stay In Competitive Shape

From a Wall Street Journal article by Jen Murphy:

Mr. Alona, who grew up on Oahu, spent his youth bodyboarding, scuba diving and freediving. Photo by Ryan Henriksen for the Wall Street JournalMr. Aiona paddles with his club on Tuesday and Thursday nights and Saturday mornings for 90 minutes to two hours.They alternate between sprints and endurance paddles of up to eight miles in a six-man outrigger canoe. They also work on paddle technique and do huli drills. “Huli is Hawaiian for turn over,” he explains. “If you flip your canoe there is a very precise process for getting everyone safely and efficiently back in. We call out positions to make sure no one is underneath.
Then we work together to flip it, get all of the paddles into the canoe, bail water and get going again.”
On Sundays he paddles seven to 10 miles alone.“Flaws become more apparent as there is no one else to carry your weight,” he says. Sometimes he and another club member train together in a canoe. In winter, lights are added to the canoes for evening practices and Mr. Aiona dons boots and wetsuit -style pants.

Boomers Leisure: Vintage Electric Bikes “Designed In The Grand Tradition Of Open-Air Sportscars”

From a online review article:

Vintage Electric Bikes storydesigned in the grand tradition of open-air sportscars, the brand new vintage electric roadster presents riders with an impressively fast 36-mph throttle bike that offers top-shelf performance with eye-catching styling. vintage electric founder and lead designer andrew davidge says, ‘the new vintage electric roadster is our take on applying the thrill of a canyon-carving convertible sportscar to our respective ev bike segment. we set out to combine best-in-industry performance with a grand aesthetic inspired by the simple, yet powerful, european and american sportscars form the 1950s and 1960s eras.’

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Drug Studies: Ibuprofen & Anti-Inflammatories “Enhance Spread Of Antibiotic Resistance

From a online news release:

Antiobiotic Resistance IllustrationAntibiotic resistance is a global threat for public health. It is widely acknowledged that antibiotics at sub-inhibitory concentrations are important in disseminating antibiotic resistance via horizontal gene transfer. While there is high use of non-antibiotic human-targeted pharmaceuticals in our societies, the potential contribution of these on the spread of antibiotic resistance has been overlooked so far. Here, we report that commonly consumed non-antibiotic pharmaceuticals, including nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories (ibuprofen, naproxen, diclofenac), a lipid-lowering drug (gemfibrozil), and a β-blocker (propanolol), at clinically and environmentally relevant concentrations, significantly accelerated the conjugation of plasmid-borne antibiotic resistance genes.

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Boomers Retirement: Senior Planet Aims To Be “Tech-Savviest Retirement Community On Earth”

From an MIT Technology Review online article:

Senior Planet Founder Tom Kamber photo by Adrienne Grunwald 2019That’s why Kamber created Senior Planet, a tech-themed community center that preps seniors to hack their way through a world conspiring to keep them sidelined. The glass door reads “Aging with Attitude.” With its sleek grays and wood tables, it rivals the WeWork next door in the Chelsea district of Manhattan.

Kamber is pretty exciting, but the place itself is a beehive. By the time he and I sat down to talk, I’d already bought some fingerless gloves from one of its graduates, Madelyn Rich, a fiber artist and entrepreneur who’d paid for her recent Caribbean cruise with her holiday glove sales, mostly online. In a computer lab, a class was learning to use Google Calendar and Google Hangouts. Rachel Roth, a white-haired sophisticate in aviator glasses, wheeled in a cart of her sea-salt-dusted chocolate almonds called Opera Nuts—she hawks them online and through West Elm, Pottery Barn, and Williams Sonoma—and doled out some samples to the staffers in her signature Chinese-takeout-box packaging.

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Top Politics Podcasts: David Brooks & Jonathan Capehart Discuss Latest From Washington (PBS)

Capehart & Brooks Aug 9 2019New York Times columnist David Brooks and Washington Post columnist Jonathan Capehart join Amna Nawaz to discuss the week’s political news, including whether there will be real momentum in Congress to enact stronger gun legislation, how President Trump conducted himself visiting shooting victims in El Paso and Dayton and what white supremacy means for our American national identity.

Top Hikes In Washington: Discovery Park In Seattle Is An “Urban Gem” Located On The Puget Sound

From a online article:

Located in the corner of northwest corner of Magnolia, Discovery Park is an urban gem. The former Army Post has forest, meadow, a beach, a lighthouse, and old officer housing. And you can get there via the 19, 24, and 33 Metro buses.

Discovery Park Seattle Map

The classic choice is the 2.8-mile Loop Trail which takes you through the woods and meadows to the park’s literal and figurative highpoint: a bluff overlooking Puget Sound that offers a great view of the downtown skyline. If you’re looking for more you can drop down to the beach and lighthouse before hiking back up to the Loop Trail.

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