Stories From The Road (Trip): “Big Bend Country”… “The Wild West Of Texas”

From a National Review Magazine online article by Heather Wilhelm:

Big Bend CountryTry to get to Big Bend National Park, a stunning mix of ecosystems perched on the Rio Grande. Sure, you can fly into El Paso — and then you’ve still got about 300 miles left to go. No matter which way you approach the heart of West Texas, it’s a long haul. (Well, unless you have a private jet. But then you’d be missing half the fun.) 

As the writer S. C. Gwynne has pointed out, the American frontier didn’t end in California, but in the wild west of Texas. On the way out to Big Bend country, through hardscrabble landscapes, breathtaking canyons, and vast swathes of open sky, you can see why.

If you take my preferred route — it’s longer than necessary, on purpose — you’ll stumble across the former home of Judge Roy Bean, the hard-living, saloon-dwelling, 19th-century “law west of the Pecos,” who kept a black bear as a pet. You’ll pass through Marathon, a one-horse town with an impossibly lovely hotel — the Gage, built in 1927, famous for its White Buffalo Bar.

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Future Of Smaller Homes: “Bumblebee Spaces” Stores Bed, Wardrobe On Ceiling Freeing Up Small Rooms

From an online article:

Bumblebee Spaces website home space savingsA startup called Bumblebee Spaces is trying to make micro apartments more appealing by adding movable furniture. Beds, wardrobe and drawers are stored up on the ceiling, to be lowered quietly on white suspension cords at the touch of a tablet, like a scene change on a theatre stage. In theory this frees up floor space. Once he’s raised his bed in the morning, Dabdoub sometimes does yoga and meditation. In the evening, he can sit on the couch and project Netflix onto a blank wall, which would otherwise be occupied by the bed’s headboard.Bumblebee Spaces website home space savings bed

Bumblebee is putting a new twist on the Murphy bed, a mattress that folds down from the wall. That bed was named after another inventor in San Francisco, William Lawrence Murphy, who was living in a tiny one-room apartment in the early 1900s. According to lore, he was trying to woo an opera singer who refused to come to his bedroom. So he devised a way to fold up his mattress into the wall and convert the bedroom into a lounge. Lust fuelled innovation.

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Top Camping Vehicles: Overland Discovery Rents Fully Loaded 2020 Jeep Gladiator Camper

From a online article:

OVERLAND DISCOVERY 2020 JEEP GLADIATOR Camping gear listOverland Discovery currently owns six Jeeps and two campervans that are located here in Denver but are in the process of equipping more to offer the experience to those traveling to the Las Vegas area, a prime outdoor destination with 16 national parks within driving distance. The lineup currently includes two and four-door Wranglers and Rubicons, two RAM ProMaster campervans and a new 2020 Jeep Gladiator – a Rubicon truck with exemplary power, towing capability and a king-size rooftop tent for maximum comfort. OVERLAND DISCOVERY Logo

Each vehicle is automatic with 4×4 capability and comes with a rooftop tent with a memory foam mattress, blankets, pillows, camping chairs, propane stove, YETI cooler, cookware, and two gallons of water. All you need to bring along is your food, an extra cooler for drinks and a sense of adventure. “Seeing people experience adventure and the look in their eyes when they get back is just as satisfying as experiencing it for myself,” said Ramirez.

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Books Worth Reading: “The Trojan War Museum” By Ayşe Papatya Bucak

From an NPR book review:

The Trojan War Museum and Other Stories by Ayşe Papatya Bucak book NPRThat’s the kind of astonishing illumination you’ll find in The Trojan War Museum, Ayşe Papatya Bucak’s debut story collection. These are stories that reflect the author’s Turkish heritage and a curiosity about our human search for meaning as profound as it is lyrical. The stories are music. They beguile and illuminate with narratives about yearning and desire, circumstance and courage, resilience and discovery. Reading them, while the reading lasts, replaces seeing.

I found myself lingering as I read — Bucak’s prose has a sort of musical cadence to it; these are fables about enchantment, myth and actual history. Her subjects — schoolgirls stuck in the debris of a disaster, an art collector’s exotic oeuvre, a Trojan War Museum imagined and re-imagined by Zeus and his fellow deities, a widow’s chess match with her dead husband’s ghost — occupy a dreamscape of surprising encounters, art history, and Turkish culture. Each story is a vignette that has at its core a re-weaving of human relationships.

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Top New Travel Videos: “Chile – Los Lagos To Atacama” By Martin Heck

Filmed, Edited and Directed by: Martin Heck

Explore the incredible diversity of Chile in Winter. From the northern end of Patagonia and Los Lagos region with its picture-perfect volcanoes, to the wild pacific coast, magical araucaria forests, towering peaks of the Andes all the way up to the Atacama Desert.
Shot in June and July 2019 traveling over 5000km from south to north.

Chile Timelapse film by Martin Heck  2019.JPG
Music: “Skydance” by Kim Planert –
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Chile Timelapse film by Martin Heck 2019