Future Of Housing: Are Prefab Homes Delivered (Free) By Amazon An Answer To The Affordable Housing Shortage?

From a CityLab.com online article:

Allwood Eagle Point Prefabricated House interior On Amazon
Allwood Eagle Point | 1108 SQF Cabin Kit

Is there a future for Amazon’s mail-order housing market? There is now a wide range of DIY home kits from multiple third-party sellers available on the site, ranging from bare-bones cabinettes to a two-story container house and even a pre-fab modular home for $105,000. They’ve enjoyed a deluge of media coverage, and curious Amazon users are peppering manufacturers with questions. And the market is certainly ready: With solo living on the rise and a deepening nationwide housing shortage, demand for smaller, cheaper places to live is sure to grow in the coming years.

North America’s affordable housing shortage could serve as the same economic rationale for Amazon’s mail-order house business. As housing prices skyrocket in places like Los Angeles and Boston and developable urban land becomes increasingly scarce, an affordable build-your-own-house kit could be just the fix for many households. (And since the company is often blamed for boosting real-estate prices in Seattle and now Northern Virginia, it might be karmically appropriate for Amazon to get in on the solution side to the affordable housing crisis.)

Amazon listing for Allwood Eagle Point house:


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New James Bond 007 Film: Daniel Craig In “No Time To Die” Opens April 8, 2020

From an Esquire.com online article:

No Time To Die James Bond 007 Movie graphicNo Time to Die, as Bond 25 is called, will be out on April 8, 2020 in the U.S. and April 3 in the UK.

Directed by True Detective’s Cary Fukunaga, No Time to Die was delayed earlier this year when Daniel Craig injured his ankle on the set and underwent reparative surgery. Also starring Rami Malek as the main villain, the film will follow Bond after he’s left MI6, “when his friend Felix Leiter enlists his help in the search for a missing scientist. When it becomes apparent that they were abducted, Bond must confront a danger the likes of which the world has never seen,” according to the film’s official synopsis.

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Top New Travel Videos: “A Day In Havana” Directed By Julio Palacio (2019)

Julio Palacio – Director, editor & DP
Taaneya Balaji – Compositing & Graphics

A Day In Havana Travel Film By Julio Palacio (2019)

This year, my talented friend asked me to work on his beautiful film set in Havana, Cuba. As described by Julio:

In mid-June, I had the opportunity to travel to Cuba for the first time. I knew enough about the revolution and the change Cuba had in the 50s, but I was not really sure what to expect. Many people said that going to Cuba was almost like traveling back in time, and in my experience that is the case, the architecture, the old American cars, the old melancholic music, among many other things, but Cuba is way more complicated than that. This is not a travel video, it is more of a lifestyle film that captures what I perceived to be the essence of Havana and its people; many of which have very contradicting feelings about their own country. When I came back to edit, I thought I wanted the film to be in black and white, to represent that feeling of the old Havana, the luxurious, glamorous city from the 50s, but being there and seeing all of the beautiful colors and understanding the culture and how much flavor they have, it did not feel right. After talking to a few filmmaker friends, and telling them about my experience there, we came to the conclusion that Cuba is in fact trapped in the past, but its people have so much hope for the future, so much drive to keep going, even in the face of many social problems.

A Day In Havana Travel Film By Julio Palacio (2019)

A better representation of this feeling was to have a mix of both B&W and Color, highlighting certain areas of the frame in B&W while keeping the beautiful colors of this amazing place. Having this mix plus the beautiful soundtrack reinforces that feeling of Nostalgia that possesses the city, and seeing the people go on with their daily lives, their faces, and how they keep moving forward, represents the hope that everyone I met there still has. This is “A Day in Havana”.

Website: https://taaneya-balaji.com/

Trends In Food: Erewhon Organic Market Keeps Expanding By Keeping Prices (And Quality) High

From an LAMag.com article:

Erewhon Natural Food Stores Products“In the beginning, the company was so in rapture with health and wellness, that they’d get cashews from some exotic place and you’d end up spending 20-some dollars for a bag of nuts,” Widener says. “But I’d still buy a bag because I wanted to learn about it, and I felt better when I ate ‘em.” The supermarket-as-classroom ethos even influences Erewhon’s physical layout: the grocer builds shelves that are too tall so that customers will be forced to ask for assistance, thus building a relationship with salespeople.

Erewhon, a natural foods grocer based in L.A., has inspired cult-like devotion among those who can afford to pay four dollars for an avocado. On Instagram, a torrent of celebrities can be seen pushing bags of Erewhon produce to their Escalades, while beaming earth mother types with names like “healthjunky” cradle the chain’s green beverages. The store has even inspired a line of merch.

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Top Political Podcasts: Tamara Keith And Joshua Johnson Discuss Latest From Washington (PBS)

Politics Monday PBS Newshour Aug 19 2019NPR’s Tamara Keith and Joshua Johnson join William Brangham to discuss the latest political news, including policy proposals among 2020 Democrats, rumors of an upcoming recession and how a weakening economy could affect President Trump’s reelection and momentum for new gun security measures after El Paso and Dayton massacres.

Top Museum Exhibits: “Paul Gauguin – The Art Of Invention” At The St. Louis Art Museum (Until Sept. 15)

From an Antiques and the Arts Weekly:

Paul Gauguin The Art of Invention St. Louis Art Museum 2019Comprising 55 Gauguin masterworks on loan from Copenhagen’s Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, as well as some 35 objects from the collection of the Saint Louis Art Museum, “Paul Gauguin: The Art of Invention,” now on view in St Louis, offers a superb overview and deep insight into the life, thought and art of this quasi-mythological being whose shadow looms large not only over artistic Modernism but over the very romantic notion of the artist who sacrifices everything for art.

Along with many other artists in every discipline, Gauguin has been reappraised in recent years. His freedom and devotion to art above all came at a steep cost to others: the wife and children he left behind in Europe, the Native child brides he took in the South Seas and the children they bore him and hosts of friends – Van Gogh and Pissarro among them – who felt the sting of his wrathful restlessness.

French art historian Jean Leymarie, in his short, perfect essay on Paul Gauguin, published in the gorgeous dusty columns of the 1962 Encyclopedia of Art, sums up the birth of Modernism: “Painters no longer attempted to represent the external world by creating the illusion of an image, but rather to suggest their interior dreams through allusive symbols and the multiplication of decorative forms; line and color were invested with the role of expressive vehicles and became the abstract equivalents of sensation. This change, amounting to the overthrow of the empirical and optical vision that had come down from the Renaissance, was perhaps the most violent about-face in modern art. The way, from that time, was open, and we know how boldly Gauguin proceeded.”