Future Transportation: Optimus Ride Debuted First Public Self-Driving Shuttle In New York City

From a Futurism.com online article:

Optimus Ride - NYC’s First Self-Driving ShuttleThe car did what it was supposed to. The ride was a bit shaky, but it’s unclear whether that was because of the vehicle itself or because its AI system was constantly re-evaluating its surroundings. But it felt safe — we slowed down and swerved around a cyclist without leaving the lane. The cars had the entire route mapped out; each destination was already programmed in.

Self-driving car company Optimus Ride just debuted the first public autonomous vehicles in New York City, which will shuttle visitors around the private streets of the Brooklyn Navy Yard, a historic manufacturing hub turned tech incubator. A launch event on Tuesday evening promised rides on the company’s self-driving shuttles, so I stopped by — to kick the tires and, naturally, see if the shuttles did what they were supposed to.

I listened as VP of engineering Ruijie He explained how the shuttles detect and analyze their surroundings. He described how the vehicles combine visual recordings and LIDAR into a single data stream to get more detailed and higher-resolution input from the vehicle’s surroundings.

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Top European Road Trips: Granada To Almería, Spain Is Two Weeks Of Historic And Spectacular Sights

From The Guardian online article by Sorrel Downer:

Spain Road Trip Granada to Almeria The GuardianThe Alhambra marks the start of a drive taking in historic cities, a river valley and mountains – and ends in Almería’s spaghetti western desert.

Granada is dominated by its mighty Moorish fortress, the Alhambra. Book ahead and visit early, at its least-crowded, and then spend the afternoon meandering the narrow streets and plazas of the old town – the Albaicín….

….On day six drive the spectacular route (A-319, 17km) up and over mountains into the dappled valley of the Guadalquivir River, passing La Iruela (with its castle on a crag), and down into a tranquil enclosed world, thick with birds, smelling of pine, dominated by the wide, clear, burbling river. Allow four days here as there’s so much to explore….


…Day 12: The drive from Guadix to Almería (A-92, 113km, around 1 hour) passes through the pink and orange peaks and ravines of spaghetti western country, the Tabernas Desert, and several theme parks recalling the glory days of Sergio Leone’s spaghetti westerns.

Spain Road Trip Granada to Almeria The Guardian

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Automotive Nostalgia: 25th Annual Woodward Dream Cruise On August 17 In Detroit Will Feature Over 40,000 Classic Cars

From a Curbed.com online article:

Four Ford Thunderbirds at the 2014 Woodward Dream Cruise - ShutterstockEnthusiasts and spectators will soon be out showing off their rides for the 25th Annual Woodward Dream Cruise, which rolls through the northern suburbs along Woodward Avenue on Saturday, August 17. The world’s largest one-day automotive event is an enormous draw—last year an estimated 1.5 million people attended and 40,000 classic cars were on the roads.

While the main event takes place from Pontiac to Ferndale, Detroit also has a few offerings for visitors this year. Here’s where to go if you want to watch—or avoid—the festivities.


Officially, the Woodward Dream Cruise runs Saturday, August 17 from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Events have already started, and an official ribbon cutting will take place on Friday at 5 p.m. in Ferndale.

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