Diet Studies: “Profound Benefits” Of Fasting For Weight Loss, Longevity And Chronic Disease

From a Wall Street Journal article by Andreas Michalsen:

Fasting article Wall Street Journal by Andreas Michalsen Aug 2019At the Charité University Hospital in Berlin, I’ve employed what’s called intermittent fasting, or time-restricted eating, to help patients with an array of chronic conditions. These include diabetes, high blood pressure, rheumatism and bowel diseases, as well as pain syndromes such as migraines and osteoarthritis.

Fasting is one of the biggest weight-losstrends to arise in recent years. Endorsed by A-list celebrities and the subject of a spate ofbest-selling books, it was the eighth most-Googled diet in America in 2018.

There are different ways to go about it, but Iadvise patients to omit either dinner or breakfast, so that they don’t ingest any foodfor at least 14 hours at a stretch.

Restaurant Experiences: The Dream Away Lodge Is “Hearty And Happening” In The Bershires, MA

From a Boston Magazine online article by Scott Kearnan:

1553289_10152793727262400_21608897905869281_o-1536x1300 (1)To find the Dream Away Lodge—an eccentric, roadhouse-like restaurant I’d heard whispers about for years—we blind-trusted our GPS to lead us deep into the western Massachusetts woods, down dark lanes where gnarled limbs from tall trees reach to grab at low-floating headlights. The place has long attracted mountain beatniks seeking folk-music hootenannies in its wood-paneled den and enclosed porch, but current owner Daniel Osman, a former theater artist with ties to the Radical Faeries, a global gay-hippies collective, has painted yet another layer onto its long history.

What’s not camp is the entirely serious food from chef Amy Loveless, an area native who inherited a gift for rustic-American cuisine from her mother, a one-time cook for Norman Rockwell. Here, the genre is burnished with international accents: Local lamb, chicken, and pork are respectively given Greek (tzatziki!), Mexican (tomatillo-chipotle salsa!), and Korean (cucumber-ginger salad!) treatments. The food is hearty, the place happening. As we share a mezze plate by tapered candlelight, a jam band’s tunes waft over to the dining room.

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Boomers Travel: The Arts District Firehouse Hotel In LA Is A Destination To “Dine And Dwell”

From a online article by Paul Jebara:

Arts District Firehouse Hotel Los AngelesThe nine suites at Arts District Firehouse Hotel are intended to capture a “dreamy mix of the elegant and bizarre”. Each is individually designed in layout and colour theme and named accordingly: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet, White and Black.

A new boutique accommodation, envisioned as a “dreamy mix of the elegant and bizarre”, has opened up inside a 1970s firehouse in Los Angeles.

Arts District Firehouse Hotel Los Angeles.JPG

The property marks the first boutique hotel in the city’s up-and-coming Arts District, and is aptly named the Arts District Firehouse Hotel.

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Brain Health Research: Risk Of Dementia Can Increase With Low & High Levels Of Hemoglobin

From a online Journal article:

Neurology JournalLow and high levels of hemoglobin are associated with an increased risk of dementia, including AD, which may relate to differences in white matter integrity and cerebral perfusion.

Objective: To determine the long-term association of hemoglobin levels and anemia with risk of dementia, and explore underlying substrates on brain MRI in the general population.
Methods: Serum hemoglobin was measured in 12,305 participants without dementia of the populationbased Rotterdam Study (mean age 64.6 years, 57.7% women). We determined risk of dementia and Alzheimer disease (AD) (until 2016) in relation to hemoglobin and anemia. Among 5,267 participants without dementia with brain MRI, we assessed hemoglobin in relation to vascular brain disease, structural connectivity, and global cerebral perfusion.

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