Future Transportation: Optimus Ride Debuted First Public Self-Driving Shuttle In New York City

From a Futurism.com online article:

Optimus Ride - NYC’s First Self-Driving ShuttleThe car did what it was supposed to. The ride was a bit shaky, but it’s unclear whether that was because of the vehicle itself or because its AI system was constantly re-evaluating its surroundings. But it felt safe — we slowed down and swerved around a cyclist without leaving the lane. The cars had the entire route mapped out; each destination was already programmed in.

Self-driving car company Optimus Ride just debuted the first public autonomous vehicles in New York City, which will shuttle visitors around the private streets of the Brooklyn Navy Yard, a historic manufacturing hub turned tech incubator. A launch event on Tuesday evening promised rides on the company’s self-driving shuttles, so I stopped by — to kick the tires and, naturally, see if the shuttles did what they were supposed to.

I listened as VP of engineering Ruijie He explained how the shuttles detect and analyze their surroundings. He described how the vehicles combine visual recordings and LIDAR into a single data stream to get more detailed and higher-resolution input from the vehicle’s surroundings.

To read more click on the following link:


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