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Financial Review: Barron’s Magazine – Dec 26, 2022

Magazine - Latest Issue - Barron's

Barron’s Magazine – December 26, 2022 issue:

Robots Are Replacing Workers Lost in the Pandemic. They’re Here to Stay.

Robots are moving up in the world. Labor shortages and rising wage costs are breathing life into a new generation that can handle a growing number of tasks.

Brace for Recession Next Year. But the Outlook Isn’t All Doom and Gloom.

Brace for Recession Next Year. But the Outlook Isn’t All Doom and Gloom.

The Fed will keep fighting inflation, and the unemployment rate will rise. But there are positive trends on the horizon.

How to Invest in Robots and Automation

How to Invest in Robots and Automation

Technology investments are out of favor, and the market has been especially tough on companies in the more speculative areas like robotics.

Bill Miller Is Still Bullish on Bitcoin—and a Lot More

As the famed value investor heads for retirement, he isn’t giving up on crypto. Why he likes Amazon.com, Delta Air Lines, and small-caps, too.

Cover Preview: Barron’s Magazine – Oct 31, 2022


Election Day Is Almost Here. What’s at Stake for the Economy.

From tax legislation to the debt-ceiling debate, a lot is riding on the next Congress. What to expect from divided government.

The Dow Wallops the Nasdaq. It Doesn’t Happen Often, But Don’t Expect It to End Soon.

Playing the Reshoring Boom

Chinese Stocks Look Cheap. But Bargain Hunters Risk Losing Big.

Meta Could Fix This—But Don’t Get Your Hopes Up

3 Reasons Why the Gloomy Headlines on Housing Are Wrong

Don’t Expect a Big Rally, Even if GOP Wins Control of Congress

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Inflation Could Be Harder to Tame Than the Fed Anticipates

Randall W. Forsyth

Europe’s Natural-Gas Problem Feeds North America’s Fertilizer Boom. How Long Will It Last?

Jack Hough

The Stock Market Rallied This Week. Thanks, Technical Analysis!

Nicholas Jasinski

IHS Is a Play on Emerging Market Cellphones. Why the Stock Looks Like a Buy.

El Salvador’s Failed Bitcoin Experiment

The country made history in legalizing Bitcoin, but it is now suffering the consequences. What went wrong is a cautionary tale for crypto.