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Views: Canal Boat Cruise, Gothenburg, Sweden (4K)

Gothenburg, a major city in Sweden, is situated off the Göta älv river on the country’s west coast. An important seaport, it’s known for its Dutch-style canals and leafy boulevards like the Avenyn, the city’s main thoroughfare, lined with many cafes and shops. Liseberg is a popular amusement park with themed rides, performance venues and a landscaped sculpture garden.

This is a 30-minute canal trip through Gothenburg, Sweden, Scandinavia’s “little amsterdam” and “little london.” This is a Paddan tour which will takes us through the old canals from the 1600s and under low bridges and out of the harbor. Here you will hear about the history of Gothenburg from the knowledgeable guide. During the trip you pass landmarks such as the Opera House, Feskekörka, the lipstick, the old shipyard areas, green parks and Gothenburg Typical old house “Landshövdingehus” in Haga.

Date filmed: Sunday – August 29, 2021

Sunset Boat Rides: Grand Canal In Venice (4K Video)

Grand Canal, Italian Canale Grande, main waterway of VeniceItaly, following a natural channel that traces a reverse-S course from San Marco Basilica to Santa Chiara Church and divides the city into two parts.

Slightly more than 3 km (2 miles) long and between 30 and 70 metres (100 and 225 feet) wide, the Grand Canal has an average depth of 5 metres (17 feet) and connects at various points with a maze of smaller canals. These waterways carry the bulk of Venetian transportation, as automobiles are banned throughout much of the city. Traditional poled gondolas are a favourite with tourists but are now vastly outnumbered by motorized public-transit water buses (vaporetti) and private water taxis. Siren-equipped boats belonging to the police, fire, and emergency medical services traverse the Grand Canal at high speed, and barges are responsible for the delivery of goods throughout the city. The connection between Venetians and their city’s main thoroughfare does not end at the grave: funeral barges can be seen transporting the dead to Isola di San Michele, an island northeast of the city that has been the site of Venice’s largest cemetery since the early 19th century.

Design: Migma Hydrogen-Powered Catamaran By RUMA In Madrid, Spain

Migma is the greek word for mixture, an evocation to the life of the sea through structural bionic elements where the rationality of the technique is mixed with the fluidity of nature, represented by this noiseless Hydrogen-powered 180 feet electric Catamaran as a living  entity that furrows the seas with zero emissions.

Migma catamaran is based on a minimalist and high-end aesthetic, creating a new way to understand spaces within a catamaran, where the core structure is located in the middle and all elements grow from it.

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Boat Tour: Gargano Coast Puglia, Southern Italy (4K)

A Boat ride and tour along the 𝗚𝗮𝗿𝗴𝗮𝗻𝗼 𝗖𝗼𝗮𝘀𝘁, region 𝗣𝘂𝗴𝗹𝗶𝗮, south of Italy, starting from the town of Peschici, to Vieste, along the main attractions and inside the most beautiful caves / grotte.

Video timeline: 0:00 – [Brief intro] 2:00 – [Boat tour begins / Peschici Harbour☀️] 4:07 – [Peschici] 6:42 – [The Bay of “Trabucchi”☀️] 7:44 – [The Bay of St.Nicola] 8:39 – [The Bay of Zaiana☀️] 8:59 – [Trabucco of Punta Manacora☀️] 9:33 – [Bay of Manacora] 10:53 – [Bay of Cala Lunga] 11:13 – [Watchtowers and their history☀️] 11:46 – [Cala dei Turchi☀️] 12:28 – [Bay of Gusmay] 13:06 – [Abandoned Trabucco☀️] 13:27 – [Bay of Manacore☀️] 19:24 – [Tower of Sfinale☀️] 20:10 – [Bay of Sfinale] 21:00 – [Bay of Crovatico☀️] 22:07 – [Island of Chianca☀️] 22:49 – [Spiaggia Lunga (Long Bay)☀️] 30:53 – [The city of Vieste☀️] 33:18 – [Lighthouse of Vieste / Island of St.Eufemia☀️] 34:19 – [Punta St.Francesco and Church of St.Francis☀️] 35:02 – [Pizzomunno and the history of Cristalda and Pizzomunno☀️] 36:26 – [Beach of Pizzomunno☀️] 41:12 – [Bay of Portonuovo] 42:17 – [“High coast of Gargano”☀️] 43:41 – [Paradise Bay☀️] 44:25 – [Arch of St.Felice☀️] 46:00 – [Bay of St.Felice] 48:00 – [Grotta della Campana / Bell Cave☀️] 51:11 – [The “Head of the Gargano”☀️] 54:00 – [Grotta Sfondata / Crashed Cave☀️] 57:48 – [Grotta dei due occhi / Cave of the two eyes☀️] 1:00:48 – [Bay of Campi] 1:03:40 – [Cave of the Tomatoes☀️] 1:08:23 – [Arch of Porto Greco☀️] 1:13:02 – [Bay & Cave of Pugnochiuso (closed hand bay)☀️] 1:15:43 – [Bay of Portopiatto] 1:17:14 – [Lighthouse of Pugnochiuso☀️] 1:17:55 – [Bay of Pergola☀️] 1:20:35 – […the hand of the giant…☀️] 1:21:49 – [Cave of Padre Pio☀️] 1:23:29 – […a skull…☀️] 1:25:31 – [Grotta dell’Amore / Cave of Love☀️] 1:29:00 – [Bay of Vignanotica☀️] 1:33:21 – [Baia dei Colori / Bay of Colours☀️] 1:40:16 – [Bay of Zagare☀️] 1:42:00 – […horse drinking…☀️] 1:43:10 – [Bay of Mattinata and Saracen Mountain☀️]

Yachting Views: Lituya Bay, Southern Alaska (Video)

Apart from a minor date correction, this is a re-issue of an existing video describing our first visit to one of the more interesting and potentially hazardous anchorages we have visited.

Lituya Bay is a fjord located on the coast of the south-east part of the U.S. state of Alaska. It is 14.5 km long and 3.2 km wide at its widest point. The bay was noted in 1786 by Jean-François de Lapérouse, who named it Port des Français. Twenty-one of his men perished in the tidal current in the bay.

New Photography Books: ‘Yachts – The Impossible Collection’ (Assouline)

Yachts: The Impossible Collection is an eclectic and carefully curated anthology of ships, from the 1851 ship for which the America’s Cup was named, to J Class racing yachts of the early 1900s, to the current high-tech megayachts, from classics with timeless silhouettes, to head-turners that broke the mold with daring design and redefined their era. 

Since time immemorial, monarchs, nobility and the aristocracy have yearned to spend their leisure time on the water. From Cleopatra’s fabled luxury barge to Her Majesty’s Royal Yacht Britannia, from elegant Jazz Age vessels such as Nahlin, once chartered by King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson, to the swinging ’60s Hollywood royalty invited aboard Aristotle Onassis’ Christina O, the yachting scene has always attracted celebrities, high society and the top 0.1%. But with over three thousand sizable yachts currently in the global fleet, not to mention those legendary vessels that are sadly no longer in existence, how do we distinguish the crème de la crème of this exclusive breed?

And with so much focus today on the environment and the health of the oceans, the yachting world is changing quickly, increasingly pursuing sustainability. Whether impossible in sheer size, speed, luxurious features or advanced green technology, all of the vessels in this fantasy marina have transformed the yachting seascape.

As long as there are people with means and blue oceans to explore, there will always be a demand for these beautiful and impossible creatures that break the boundaries of technology, luxury and decadence—and new yachts are still yet to be built, worthy of The Impossible Collection.

Miriam Cain is a U.K.-based luxury journalist and editor, specializing in the superyacht industry for two decades, in a variety of editorial and PR roles, including editor of Elite Traveler Superyachts and SEA+I Magazine. Cain is currently the editor for the yachting and lifestyle publication Navigator, and she also contributes to a variety of international yachting publications as a freelance journalist.

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Cornwall UK Views: The ‘ANNY OF CHARLESTOWN’, A 1930 Topsail Schooner

Clinging on tight to the rigging just below the main yard, I looked down at the rollers of clear green water sweeping along the white sides of the ship, beneath her polished wood and neatly slaked lines.

Above me, perched nonchalantly on the yard, was bosun David, moving to the motion of the swaying mast as the hull lifted and fell on the waves. A few fathoms away lay Charlestown, with its grey stone harbour, white-painted cottages and sheltering cliffs.

 Octavia Pollock, July 31, 2021

I was aboard Anny, a topsail schooner available for day and overnight charters from the south Cornish village, well known to viewers of PoldarkThe Three Musketeers and The Onedin Line. So little has Charlestown changed in 200 years that it is a favourite with location scouts and its unpolished charm makes it a delight to visitors, too. With Anny and her consort Irene, a 1907 West Country trading ketch, moored off shore and not an ugly modern steamer in sight, it is easy to imagine oneself back in time.

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Recreation: Why U.S. Boat Sales Are Booming (CNBC)

Every year, about a third of Americans spend at least some time on a boat. In the landscape of recreational power sports, which includes boats, some categories have seen their fair share of struggles in recent years. But boat industry revenues have been mostly growing. Boat sales have seen a boost during Covid, but some analysts think the growth is poised to continue.

London Views: The River Thames, Hampton Court

The River Thames, known alternatively in parts as the River Isis, is a river that flows through southern England including London. At 215 miles, it is the longest river entirely in England and the second-longest in the United Kingdom, after the River Severn.

Date filmed: Sunday – July 11, 2021

Filming location: River Thames – Eastbound – Hampton Court to Richmond, London

Reviews: Top Luxury Speed Boats For 2022 (Video)

It’s time we took a break from open highways and enjoyed open seas instead. In this episode we will explore the world of extremely overpowered speed boats and magnificent luxury yachts, that just like supercars defy any limits in performance and opulence. So as always let’s put on our finest home garments and enjoy window shopping of the most anticipated yachts in 2022.