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Sunday Morning: Stories & Headlines From London

Emma Nelson and Julie Norman look ahead to the US midterms. Plus, our panellists Terry Stiastny and Simon Brooke unpack the weekend’s biggest talking points, Monocle’s Guy De Launey brings us news from the Western Balkans and Andrew Mueller orates his week in the newsroom.

News: Russian Attacks On Power Plants, Protests In Iran, Ethiopia-Tigray War

We repot on Ukraine’s spiraling energy crisis as a third of the country’s power stations are destroyed. Plus: the Tigray conflict in Ethiopia escalates, a flick through the day’s papers, and the latest business news.

Sunday Morning: Stories From Zurich And London

Monocle’s editorial director, Tyler Brûlé, Priska Amstutz and Benno Zogg on the weekend’s biggest talking points. Plus: ‘Zeit Magazine’ editorial director Christoph Amend and Monocle’s Andrew Tuck and Petri Burtsoff on the latest developments in their areas.

Headlines: Hurricane Ian Destruction, Russia’s Sham Annexation, Brazil Threat

More than 700 people needed to be rescued after Hurricane Ian tore across Florida. We hear from some of them. Russia moves to annex four occupied areas of Ukraine. And threats of violence hang over Brazil’s upcoming presidential election.

Stories: Far-Right Meloni Wins In Italy, Russian Men Flee Conscription, NASA

A far-right nationalist is on track to become Italy’s first female prime minister. What led Italians to back a candidate who is accused of spreading white supremacist ideas?

Also, thousands of Russian men are fleeing the country to avoid military service under President Putin’s mobilization order. Plus, why NASA scientists are getting ready to slam one of their spacecrafts into an asteroid.

Headlines: Russia-Ukraine War At 6 Months, Student Debt Cancellation Plan

A.M. Edition for Aug. 24. After six months of war in Ukraine, battlefield momentum is tilting against Russia even as the conflict shows few signs of slowing.

WSJ reporter Marcus Walker and Moscow bureau chief Ann Simmons explain how officials in Kyiv and Moscow view the current state of war and their respective paths to victory. Luke Vargas hosts.

Headlines: Russia Seizes Ukrainian Nuclear-Power Station, British Heatwave

Tensions are rising at Europe’s largest nuclear-power station, which Russian forces are using as a military base. We ask what the risks are, and whether they can be headed off.

Britain’s summer heatwave was deadly—but figuring out how deadly was no easy task. And discovering the real value of the “social capital” outside family and work relationships.