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Smithsonian Channel: ‘Top Natural Disaster Videos’

From the St. Helen’s eruption to havoc caused by a tornado, these clips capture just how terrifying natural disasters are.

Video Timeline: 0:00​ – Intro to 10 Frightening Natural Disaster Videos 0:23​ – Footage of the 1980 Mt. Saint Helens Eruption 4:06​ – This Brave Student Captured the Mt. Saint Helens Blast 6:09​ – Why the 1989 San Francisco Quake Was So Disastrous 10:08​ – Chilling Footage of the 1989 Cypress Freeway Collapse 12:56​ – The Most Powerful Tornado Recorded on Earth 16:36​ – This Family Hid from a 300 MPH Tornado in a Water Pipe 19:50​ – This Couple Filmed the Everest Avalanche Coming at Them 21:56​ – Footage of the Alarming Moments Just Before the Everest Avalanche 24:56​ – The Damage a Twister Can Do in 15 Minutes is Horrifying 28:00​ – The 1974 Double Twister That Hit Alabama

Ocean Wildlife: A Manatee Migrates To Warm Water

Despite weighing upward of 1200 pounds, manatee bodies have relatively little fat to protect them from the cold. Anything below 68 degrees is a death sentence. The solution: an annual inland migration, to the warm waters of Florida’s natural springs at Silver Springs State Park.

Manatees are large, fully aquatic, mostly herbivorous marine mammals sometimes known as sea cows. There are three accepted living species of Trichechidae, representing three of the four living species in the order Sirenia: the Amazonian manatee, the West Indian manatee, and the West African manatee.

Winter Wildlife: A River Otter Survives In Upper Peninsula Of Michigan

It takes a special breed of animal to handle the Michigan winter–and the river otter is better prepared than most. But preparation is half the battle–and it starts with a roll in the snow to keep its fur coat insulated. The waters in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan freeze over fast in winter–and river otters need to work just as fast to keep holes open in the ice. If they close, the otters lose access to fish. From America’s Wild Seasons: https://bit.ly/3pikNyY

The Upper Peninsula is a forested region in Michigan bordering 3 of the Great Lakes and extending outward from Wisconsin. It’s connected to Michigan’s Lower Peninsula by the roughly 5-miles-long Mackinac Bridge, which spans the Straits of Mackinac. Sandwiched between the 2 peninsulas is Mackinac Island, a car-free vacation destination with the iconic 1887 Grand Hotel and the Victorian-era Fort Mackinac. 

Wildlife: ‘Yellowstone Bison’ Are Built For Winter Survival (Video)

With a dense coat, a powerful mass of muscle and a large head ideally suited for clearing away snow and locating buried grass, bison are built for frigid conditions in Yellowstone. If it wasn’t for a hidden herd in the deepest reaches of this National Park, bison would have been wiped out in the late 1800s. Today, thousands of them thrive.

From Epic Yellowstone: Fire and Ice https://bitly.com/35mV4hU

Views: Top 12 ‘National Park’ Documentaries

These gorgeous videos will transport you to National Parks like Yosemite and Yellowstone, all from the comfort of your own home.

Video timeline: 0:00 – Intro to 12 Stunning National Parks 0:26 – The Grand Canyon: How It Was Formed 2:38 – Yellowstone: Human-Bear Interaction Spirals 3:40 – Glacier National Park: Awe-inspiring Peaks 6:49 – Yellowstone: The Grand Prismatic Spring 9:24 – Yellowstone: The War Against Poachers 11:58 – Yellowstone: A Coyote Preys on Swans 14:42 – Yosemite: A 1970s Riot 16:19 – Yellowstone: Strenuous Grizzly Courtship 18:33 – Yellowstone: The View from Above 19:54 – Jasper National Park: A Controlled Inferno 21:45 – Yellowstone: The World’s Most Famous Geyser 24:38 – Yellowstone: A Sneaky Bobcat Hunts

English History: Roman Ruins In Northumberland

Northumberland is one of Britain’s most historic regions, an archaeological treasure trove of impressive buildings that date back to the Roman conquest: From Hadrian’s Wall to the Vindolanda Fort.

From Aerial Britain: https://bit.ly/38DQJao

Wildlife & Travel: ‘Top 9 Lion Videos’ From The Smithsonian Channel

Escape your everyday life with these 9 lion videos that’ll transport you as you watch them protect their young, encounter crocs, and so much more.

Video Timeline: 0:00 – Intro to Top 9 Big Cat Videos 0:35 – Lost Lion Reunites w/ His Brother 4:26 – Lioness Protects Her Young 8:05 – Lion Cubs Have a Close Call w/ a Croc 11:36 – Lazy Lions Rely on Lionesses 14:50 – How Lions Choose Their Prey 18:53 – Young Lions Cross Croc-Infested Waters 22:28 – Lioness Guards Her Dinner 24:34 – Lioness Must Kill to Feed Her Cub 27:18 – Angry Hippo Charges Trespassing Lion

From Big Cat Country: https://bit.ly/3j4hgkh

Marine Wildlife: ‘Sea Otter Moms’ Doing Everything For Their Pups (Video)

Northern sea otter pups are raised exclusively by their moms–the fathers play no part. As a result, it falls on mothers to do it all: hunting, feeding, keeping the pups warm and protecting them from predators.

The northern sea otter subspecies (E. lutris kenyoni), is found in the Aleutian Islands, Southern Alaska, British Columbia, and Washington. Within Alaska, there are 3 stocks. The Southeast stock can be found in the coastal waters of Southeast Alaska.  The South central population spans from west of Glacier Bay to the eastern edge of Cook Inlet. The Southwest population stretches from the western edge of Cook Inlet out the Aleutian Islands.

Aerial Travel & History: The ‘Medieval Castles Of Wales’ (Smithsonian Video)

Wales has no shortage of magnificent castles – from the impenetrable stronghold of Harlech Castle, to the fierce fortifications of Carnarvon. Wales boasts a series of castles known as the Iron Ring, built as part of Edward I’s determination to stamp his authority over the tribes of Wales.

Aerial Britain: Scotland https://bit.ly/31x9olp

Aerial Travel: ‘Cornwall – The Most Beautiful Place In Britain’ (Smithsonian)

One of the most evocative and breathtakingly beautiful coastal landscapes in Britain is the historic county of Cornwall. It’s also a place steeped in legend, including that of Britain’s legendary King Arthur.

Cornwall is a county on England’s rugged southwestern tip. It forms a peninsula encompassing wild moorland and hundreds of sandy beaches, culminating at the promontory Land’s End. The south coast, dubbed the Cornish Riviera, is home to picturesque harbour villages such as Fowey and Falmouth. The north coast is lined with towering cliffs and seaside resorts like Newquay, known for surfing.