Design: The Woolbeding ‘Kinetic Glasshouse’ (2022)

The Woolbeding Glasshouse

Heatherwick Studio has unveiled its latest project, a kinetic glasshouse set on the edge of the gardens here at Woolbeding. 

This unfolding structure provides the focal point to a new garden that reveals how much the ancient Silk Route – which linked the Western world with the Middle East and Asia – has influenced English gardens of today. It features ten steel ‘sepals’ with glass and aluminium façade which take four minutes to open, creating an immense 141m2 space in the shape of a crown. 

The glasshouse draws inspiration from the spirit of Victorian ornamental terrariums. It deploys cutting-edge engineering to provide a functional protective structure while at the same time offering a beguiling, decorative element to the new Silk Route Garden. 

On warm days, the glasshouse opens its ‘sepals’ using a hydraulic mechanism to allow the plants access to direct sunshine and ventilation, while in colder weather the structure will remain closed, providing shelter to a collection of subtropical species.  

International Art: Apollo Magazine – July/Aug 2022

• The Russian artists making a stand against the war

• An interview with Gabriele Finaldi, director of the National Gallery

• The miniature marvels of Charles Paget Wade

• A Yoruba masterpiece in focus

Plus: London’s art market after Brexit, the Huntington Library comes up to speed, the beauty of banality, and reviews of Maillol’s sculptures, gilded manuscripts and Van Leo’s photographs of Cairo

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Cornwall View: Marsland Manor At Morwenstow

Described in its listing as ‘an unusually complete survival of a double courtyard house’ and by the historian Charles Henderson in his Parochial History of East Cornwall as ‘one of the most interesting and picturesque old houses in Cornwall’, the substantial stone farmhouse was remodelled as a manor house for the Atkin family on a double courtyard plan between 1656 and 1662.

The bright and cheerful main house offers more than 4,000sq ft of comfortable living space, including three reception rooms, a traditional farmhouse kitchen and six double bedrooms, with a further sitting room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom in the attached cottage.

The complex includes two further cottages, one having five bedrooms, the other one bedroom. It comes with extensive barns and outbuildings, with footpaths leading across the fields to the South West Coast Path and the unspoilt beaches and dramatic rock formations around Morwenstow.

Walks: Monteliusvägen In Stockholm, Sweden (4K)

On the northern shore of Södermalm island you will find Monteliusvägen, a narrow footpath on steep cliffs. The walking path offers highly impressive views of the opposite Stockholm downtown. Monteliusvägen is considered to be one of the best and most romantic viewpoints in Stockholm.

On the other side of the Riddarfjärden and Lake Mälaren one can see the Stockholm City Hall, to the east of it the church Riddarholmskyrka, followed by the Old Town Gamla Stan. In the background you can get a glimpse of the Royal Palace.

Preview: The New Yorker Magazine – July 4, 2022

Two neighbors sit on their respective porches. One house has socially progressive signage in the front yard and the...

Chris Ware’s “House Divided”

The artist discusses America’s fractured present and his fears for the future.

By Françoise Mouly, Art by Chris Ware

“Am I laughably naïve to think we might all somehow grow up and continue this relatively youngish two-hundred-and-forty-six-year-old experiment? I’m starting to think I am,” the artist Chris Ware said. His cover for the July 4, 2022, issue of the magazine captures the divides underlying this year’s Independence Day celebrations. As suburban real-estate agents prepare to carpet the nation’s lawns with miniature flags, millions of Americans are riveted to the proceedings of the House select committee investigating the January 6th attack on the Capitol. Down the street, the Supreme Court struck down, on June 23rd, a New York state law restricting the ability to carry a gun in public, even as the Senate voted to pass gun-control legislation in the aftermath of the Uvalde school shooting

Morning News: G-7 Agree On New Russia Sanctions, Abortion Ruling Fallout

A.M. Edition for June 27. The leaders of the Group of Seven leading industrialized nations meeting in Germany are expected to agree on further sanctions against Russia over its invasion of Ukraine.

WSJ Germany correspondent Bojan Pancevski says Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky addressed the G-7 summit asking for more weapons to be delivered to his country. Luke Vargas hosts.