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News: Russia Claims To Capture Soledar, China-Taliban, Aid To Pakistan

Russia claims control of Soledar but Ukraine remains silent. Meanwhile, is China pulling away from Russia and turning towards the Taliban? Plus: Pakistan receives a pledge of $9bn (€8.4bn) from the international community and a roundup from Art SG.

Headlines: Putin Speech, Ukraine, Brazil Election, Northern Ireland Vote

Monocle 24’s Carlota Rebelo joins us from her reporting trip to Kyiv. Plus: Brazil heads back to the polls on Sunday, Northern Ireland politicians miss the deadline to form an executive power and restore the government, and Andrew Mueller’s weird and wonderful wrap up of the week.

News: Russia’s ‘Dirty Bomb’ Ploy, Israel Balances U.S. & China Ties, Sunak’s Team

What is a ‘dirty bomb’? We explore the claims made by Russia to the UN that Ukraine is preparing to use one. Plus: Israel’s balancing act between the US and China, a flick through the day’s papers and the latest business headlines.