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Morning News: Private Militaries In Mali, Albania-EU Talks, North Korea

We ask what effect Russia’s private military company the Wagner Group might have on regional stability if deployed to fight insurgents in Mali.

Plus, will the Bulgaria-North Macedonia dispute harm Albania’s EU accession talks? And what North Korea’s recent missile launch tells us about its nuclear capabilities.

Morning News: Hearing On U.S.-Afghanistan Exit, Russia & Turkey Talks

We discuss the US military’s Pentagon hearings concerning the withdrawal from Afghanistan. Plus, Russia and Turkey’s latest talks over the war in Syria, the morning’s papers and a roundup of the top business headlines.

Morning News: Turkey & Syria, Germany Election, Quality Of Life, Athens

Why has president Erdoğan sent more troops to Turkey’s border with Syria? Plus: Monocle’s news editor Christopher Cermak previews Germany’s federal election, the latest on a crucial vote on same-sex marriage in Switzerland and Monocle’s Quality of Life Conference begins in Athens.

Morning News: Taiwan Bolsters Military, Russian & Canadian Elections

We discuss why Taiwan is bolstering its defence capabilities and explore why this weekend’s election in Russia matters – despite being a foregone conclusion.

Plus: The last instalment of our Canadian election series and our weekly reflection on the weird and wonderful things we’ve learned over the past seven days.

Morning News: Poland And Belarus Border, Texas Abortion Law, Hong Kong

get the latest as Poland imposes a state of emergency on its border with Belarus. Also in the programme: the US Justice Department’s challenge to protect the constitutional right to an abortion, plus Hong Kong’s announcement to allow quarantine-free travel again.