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News: Ron DeSantis 2024 Campaign Launch, Poland Democracy, Qatar-Taliban

The Globalist Podcast, Thursday, June 1, 2023: Veteran political strategist Norm Sterzenbach unpacks Ron DeSantis’s 2024 launch.

Plus: fears that Polish democracy is under threat, secret talks between Qatar and the Taliban, and award-winning author Leila Slimani talks about her latest novel. 


Opinion: Kissinger’s World Order, Digital Payments, Taliban’s Animal Welfare

‘Editor’s Picks’ Podcast (May 22 , 2023) A selection of three essential articles read aloud from the latest issue of The Economist. This week, Henry Kissinger on the new world order, how the fight for digital payments is going global (10:50) and why the Taliban is going big on animal welfare (17:10). 

Previews: The Economist Magazine – May 6, 2023

Much of the Earth remains unexplored | The Economist

The Economist – May 6, 2023 issue:

Governments are living in a fiscal fantasyland

The world over, they are failing to confront the dire state of their finances

If Turkey sacks its strongman, democrats everywhere should take heart

After 20 years of increasingly autocratic rule, Recep Tayyip Erdogan risks eviction by voters

Time to engage (very carefully) with the Taliban

Isolating the mullahs is not working. The West needs a more constructive approach

News: China ‘Meddling’ In Canada Election Probed, Taliban ‘Gender Apartheid’

March 8, 2023: Justin Trudeau orders a probe into alleged Chinese election meddling. Plus: the Taliban’s “gender apartheid” regime, the latest business news, Chanel at Paris Fashion Week and a special interview with former spy Mubin Shaikh.

News: China Ups Online Censorship, New $60 Cap On Russian Oil, U.N.-Taliban

December 5, 2022: China boosts online censorship and surveillance following zero-covid policy protests. G-7 sets $60 crude oil cap on Russian oil. United Nations representatives meet with the Taliban.

News: Biden Meets With Xi At G20 Summit, Kurds In Turkey, Taliban Sharia Law

We report as world leaders meet in Bali for the G20 summit. Plus, Kurdish militants deny involvement in the weekend’s Istanbul attack, the Taliban move to implement sharia law in Afghanistan, Austria’s political scandal and Karen Krizanovich wraps up headlines in film.

Morning News: Britain’s Foiled Asylum Policy, Taliban Tax Collectors

The European Court of Human rights foiled Britain’s plans to send asylum-seekers to Rwanda yesterday by holding that British courts must first find the policy legal. The Taliban have proven surprisingly adept tax collectors, though they will spend much of the funds on defence rather than improving the lives of struggling Afghans. And the world is buying too few electric vehicles to meaningfully reduce carbon emissions.

Morning News: Taliban Repression Of Women, Virtual Reality Battles

When the Taliban resumed power, there were hopes that women might not be as excluded, repressed and abused as they were previously. Those hopes have faded

As smartphone sales plateau, tech giants are furiously searching for new platforms to conquer. Augmented and virtual reality are the new  battlefields. And the rise of giga-everything: how the scale of science  drives linguistic innovation. 

Morning News: Russia-Ukraine Talks, Israel-Arab Summit, Solomon Islands

We give you the latest on the negotiations between Russia and Ukraine. Plus: Antony Blinken’s role in the Israel-Arab summit, China’s growing influence in the Solomon Islands and a wave of Taliban reforms in Afghanistan.

Front Cover Preview: NYT Magazine – December 19