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Travel Guides: ‘Ryogoku And Kuramae’, Tokyo, Japan

With any luck you’ll spot a sumo wrestler out and about in Ryogoku, the riverside neighbourhood that is home to Kokugikan, Tokyo’s distinctive sumo stadium. Across the water is Kuramae, another old neighbourhood that has long been famous for its craft workshops and still hums with industry.

The historic center of Japanese wrestling, riverside Ryogoku is home to Ryogoku Kokugikan arena, which hosts sumo and boxing, as well as classical concerts. Nearby Ryogoku Edo Noren is a dining street resembling an Edo-period village, where restaurants serve chanko nabe, the traditional protein-rich stew favored by wrestlers. In the striking, modern Edo-Tokyo Museum, scale and life-sized models recreate feudal life.

Interview: BMW Motorrad Chief Designer Edgar Heinrich On CE 04 Scooter

In this week’s episode of ‘The Chiefs’, Monocle’s editorial director Tyler Brûlé is joined by BMW Motorrad’s chief designer Edgar Heinrich. They discuss why the future of the two-wheeler is looking bright and the innovative design process behind the upcoming CE 04.

Sunday Morning Podcast: World News From London And Zurich (Monocle 24)

Emma Nelson and guests cover the weekend’s biggest discussion topics from London and Zurich.

Health &The City: Author Carolyn Steel And Urban Epidemiologist Tolullah Oni On 2020 (Podcast)

Andrew Tuck is joined by Carolyn Steel, author of ‘Sitopia’, and urban epidemiologist Tolullah Oni, who unpack the lessons for our cities from 2020. Plus: Jan Gehl brings us some inspiration and hope for what’s ahead.

Sunday Morning Podcast: World News From Zurich, London And Stockholm

Monocle’s Emma Nelson covers the weekend’s top stories with Vincent McAviney, Florian Egli, Guy DeLauney – and Tyler Brûlé.

Sunday Morning Podcast: World News From Zurich, London & Iceland (2020)

Monocle’s editor in chief Tyler Brûlé is joined by guests Christoph Lenz, Rob Cox and Chandra Kurt to discuss the weekend’s top stories. Plus: we check in with the newsroom of Iceland’s morgunblaðið newspaper.

Book Podcast: ‘Borough Market – Edible Histories’ Author Mark Riddaway

Award-winning food writer Mark Riddaway travels back through the centuries to tell the fascinating, surprising and often downright bizarre stories of some of the everyday ingredients found at London’s Borough Market.

Discover how the strawberries we eat today had their roots in a clandestine trip to South America by a French spy whose surname happened to be Strawberry, why three-quarters of Britain’s late-18th-century intake of tea was sold on the black market, and what Sigmund Freud found so fascinating about eel genitalia.

From the humble apples and onions that we’ve grown on these shores for centuries, to more exotic ingredients like cinnamon and bananas that travel from across the world to finesse our food, Borough Market: Edible Histories offers a chance to digest the charming stories behind every last morsel.

Sunday Morning Podcast: Latest News From Zurich, Tokyo And London

The weekend’s defining discussion topics with Tyler Brûlé, Christof Münger, Eemeli Isoaho, Mark Dittli and our Tokyo bureau chief Fiona Wilson. Plus, Monocle’s style director Marcela Palek’s Christmas gift tips.

From Milan: Salone highlights, interviews and a daily running guide.