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Travel Videos: “Myrtle Beach, South Carolina”

Myrtle Beach – This jewel in the string of seaside towns that make up the Grand Strand offers its own spin on South Carolina’s coastal charm. Follow along as we explore the area.

Myrtle Beach has long enticed visitors to laze on its shores, take a swing on its fairways and let loose in its entertainment precincts. Named after the wax myrtle trees along its coastline, Myrtle Beach thrives as a beach vacation destination. Check out the state parks that will showcase the best of Myrtle Beach’s natural beauty. The area is also a dream for golfers and minigolfers, with dozens of courses to choose from. As a family-friendly vacation destination, Myrtle Beach has no shortage of fantastic attractions for the kids to enjoy.

Top New Travel Videos: “The Beauty Of Galicia” In Northern Spain (2020)

Filmed and Edited by: Dennis Schmelz

Galicia, an autonomous community in Spain’s northwest, is a verdant region with an Atlantic coastline. The cathedral of regional capital Santiago de Compostela is the reputed burial place of the biblical apostle Saint James the Great, and the destination for those following the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route. The western cliffs of Cape Finisterre were considered by the Romans to be the end of the known world.

Another stunnig place in this video is the beautiful Praia Mar de Fóra beach, the Cascada del Ezaro waterfall or the Beach of Cathedrals – a spectacular example of the raw power of nature! Natural arches, some as high as 30 metres and cave systems have all been formed by the Cantabrian Sea.


Top New Timelapse Videos: “Observatories – La Palma” In The Canary Islands

Filmed, Edited and Directed by: Martin Heck

Part three of a series of journeys to the big astronomical observatories of this planet.
La Palma, a beautiful and remote island of the Canary Islands is home to one of the worlds biggest and most diverse observatories.

Observatories La Palma Canary Islands Timelaspe Video by Martin Heck January 6 2020

The “Roque de los Muchachos Observatory” contains jointly the telescopes and instruments of about 60 institutions from more than 20 countries.

But beside the modern, scientific research that is being done here, this place also as a rich history of the native population as place to observe the stars. Petroglyphs confirm that there have been astronomical observations thousands of years ago already.

Filmed for the documentary “Star Stuff” by Milad Tangshir (milad.tangshir@gmail.com). Check out the trailer: youtube.com/watch?v=F7Vp5waD4i8
Produced by Davide Ferrario: rossofuocofilm.it/produzioni.htm
Music: by Generdyn share.mscbd.fm/martinheck

Top New Travel Videos: “Cantabria – Part 3” In Northern Spain By Juan Carlos Cartina

Filmed, Edited and Directed by: Juan Carlos Cortina

Music by: Marco Martini

In Euskadi and Cantabria, an adventure that began in 2017 on the Galician coast ends and that has meant a trip of 3 years throughout the north of Spain portrayed in 3 different timelapses. A trilogy that supposes the first time that a work of this type is realized in all the Cantabrian coast.

Cantabria - Part 3 In Northern Spain By Juan Carlos Cartina 2019

In this last part the trip begins in Santander and ends in Biarritz and the protagonist is mainly the marine and interior landscape of the Basque Country. With 14,500 photographs, it is the first time I explore Euskadi in depth and I have to say that I have returned absolutely in love with its corners, especially with all the wonderful area of ​​the Urdaibai estuary. Recorded in May, September and October 2019.

See Part I and II below:

Website: https://www.jccortina.com/

IBM Announces First Fully-Autonomous Ship That Will Cross The Atlantic In September 2020

From an IBM newsroom online release:

“Putting a research ship to sea can cost tens of thousands of dollars or pounds a day and is limited by how much time people can spend onboard – a prohibitive factor for many of today’s marine scientific missions,” said Brett Phaneuf, a Founding Board Member of ProMare and Co-Director of the Mayflower Autonomous Ship project (together with fellow Board Member Fredrik Soreide). “With this project, we are pioneering a cost-effective and flexible platform for gathering data that will help safeguard the health of the ocean and the industries it supports.”

LONDONOct. 16, 2019   IBM announced today that it has joined a global consortium of partners, led by marine research organization ProMare, that are building an unmanned, fully-autonomous ship that will cross the Atlantic on the fourth centenary of the original Mayflower voyage in September 2020.

The Mayflower Autonomous Ship (MAS) will use IBM’s AI, most powerful servers, cloud and edge computing technologies to navigate autonomously and avoid ocean hazards as it makes its way from Plymouth, England to Plymouth, Massachusetts. If successful, it will be one of the first self-navigating, full-sized vessels to cross the Atlantic Ocean and will open the door on a new era of autonomous research ships.

To read more: https://newsroom.ibm.com/2019-10-16-IBM-Boards-the-Mayflower-Autonomous-Ship-Project#assets_all

Top Restaurants In Maine: “The Shop” Serves Oysters, Caviar & Tinned Seafood Spreads, Fabulously

From a Bon Appetit online article by Alex Delaney:

The Shop MenuIf you do something simple the wrong way, that’s a one-way ticket to boredom. Case in point: Unsalted potato chips. (Just, why?!) But if you do something simple the right way, it’s like the world just makes sense. The folks at The Shop in Portland, Maine, understand this, and absolutely nail it.

There are no elaborate seafood stews or grilled whole fish or ambitious desserts at this seafood joint from the crew at Island Creek Oysters in Massachusetts. It sells oysters, caviar, and tinned seafood spreads. That’s it. The oysters, usually local Maine and Massachusetts varieties, are just $1.50 each and come on large trays of ice with the classic fixings: lemon wedges, horseradish, cocktail sauce, and shallot mignonette. The caviar is also produced by Island Creek and best enjoyed on top of said oysters (not to mention very affordable). The tinned fish—smoked mussels, oil-packed tuna, beautiful sardines—is served with slices of sourdough bread, spicy mustard, butter, chives, flaky salt, sauerkraut, pickles, onions, and saltines, and is arranged in such a way that you almost don’t want to disrupt the harmony of the composition. Almost.

To read more click on the following link: https://www.bonappetit.com/story/the-shop-portland-maine

Top New Travel Videos: “Faroe Islands” Directed By Marcello Ercole

Filmed, Edited and Directed by: Marcello Ercole

Faroe Islands Travel Film by Marcello Ercole 2019

Between the Norwegian Sea and the north of the Atlantic Ocean, between Iceland and Norway, there is a land whose nature is one of the most beautiful we can see on earth.
Faroe Islands.

Music by Chad Lawson
Supported by “Visit Faroe Islands”

Website: http://www.illusion-group.it/