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Desert Views: A Hot Air Balloon Flight In Namibia

The Namib is a coastal desert in Southern Africa. The name Namib is of Khoekhoegowab origin and means “vast place”.

Namibia, a country in southwest Africa, is distinguished by the Namib Desert along its Atlantic Ocean coast. The country is home to diverse wildlife, including a significant cheetah population. The capital, Windhoek, and coastal town Swakopmund contain German colonial-era buildings such as Windhoek’s Christuskirche, built in 1907. In the north, Etosha National Park’s salt pan draws game including rhinos and giraffes.

Travel: ‘Diverse & Exotic Cultures Of Turkey’ (4K)

The culture of Turkey  combines a heavily diverse and  heterogeneous  set of elements that have been derived from the various cultures of the Eastern Mediterranean (West Asian) and Central Asian region and Eastern European, and Caucasian traditions. Many of these traditions were initially brought together by the Ottoman Empire, a multi-ethnic and multi-religious state.

During the early years of the republic, the government invested a large amount of resources into fine arts such as paintings, sculpture and architecture. This was done as both a process of modernization and of creating a cultural identity.

Travel Video: Street Food And Hot Air Ballooning In Cappadocia, Turkey (2020)

Hello again from TURKEY! This is our last STREET FOOD IN TURKEY video from the series, and we had an AMAZING time here. Today, we are showing you the BEST Turkish food Cappadocia has to offer and also bring you on a hot air ballon flight, and take you to Göreme National Park for breathtaking views over this crazy place.

We are starting early in the morning for a hot air balloon flight with Voyager Balloons. We took their Ultra Comfort Flight (75 mins/8 people max.) and our pilot Ali was knowledgable, fun and kept us up to date with how high we were flying. The flight was SO smooth, the sunrise was gorgeous and it was a UNIQUE experience! We highly recommend Voyager Balloons!

After our flight, we were HUNGRY and ready to eat CAPPADOCIA FOOD. The local specialties are Mantı (Turkish dumplings) and Testi kebab (pottery kebab). The mantı were stuffed with beef, covered in a sour yogurt sauce and chili oil. Traditionally mantı are made to be extremely small. The testi kebab was sealed in a pottery vessel and lit on fire. The restaurant owner then cracks it open and pours out the DELICIOUS stew.

Beef, onions, tomatoes and tons of spices make up this dish. We tried testi kebab in other tourist restaurants in Cappadocia and it was terrible. YOU MUST check out THIS restaurant – the kebab was flavourful, the portion was large and service was very friendly! Next, we visit and explore the national park to see the fairy chimneys up close. It was a beautiful sight to see these landscapes. Before heading to our “cave room”, we stopped to pick up another local specialty – CAPPADOCIA WINE! Cappadocia is famous for their endemic grapes and the caves allow wine to be stored in ideal conditions, so the wine here is fantastic. We picked up a Kalecik Karası and enjoyed a glass from our private terrace of our cave room.

Top New Travel Videos: “Flying Over Bagan, Myanmar” Directed By Martien Janssen (2020)

Filmed and Edited by: Martien Janssen

The ancient city of temples at Bagan, Myanmar, captured by drone. I’m quite proud of this movie, there’s nothing like this out there.

Bagan is an ancient city and a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in the Mandalay Region of Myanmar. From the 9th to 13th centuries, the city was the capital of the Pagan Kingdom, the first kingdom that unified the regions that would later constitute modern Myanmar.

Video Profiles: 80-Year Old Scotsman Don Cameron, Hot Air Balloon Pioneer

For more than half a century, Scotland-born Don Cameron has been a pioneer in the world of hot air balloons. He built and flew western Europe’s first modern hot air balloon in 1967, before founding his company Cameron Balloons from the basement of his flat.

The company has since become one of the world’s largest balloon manufacturers, making hundreds of balloons each year. It is the market leader in special-shaped balloons, producing the likes of Darth Vader, Vincent van Gogh and a dinosaur.

Video by Morgan Spence

“BuildingBridges” Is A Spectacular Short Film Tribute To German-American Friendship (2019)


Director of Photography FELIX REICHERT
B Camera Operator & Animation VALENTIN RAPP
Production Designer BARBARA PEISL

BuildingBridges Cinematic Poem Short Film Directed by JOHANNES OLSZEWSKI 2019

Pilot of German ballon TIM TAYLOR
Pilot of American Ballon ZACHARY BRAMBLE
Hitchhiker Girl BARBARA PEISL
Hitchhiker Boy LEVI ALLEN

BuildingBridges Cinematic Poem Short Film Directed by JOHANNES OLSZEWSKI 2019

Production Supervisor LISA GHIO
Production Assistant ALEXANDER SCHULZ
Property Master RONNY BIARD

High above the sacred Navajo land of Monument Valley, two hot air balloons float, circling each other as if in a dance. One carries the German flag, the other that of the United States. A closer look reveals that the balloons are not only tethered together, but that a person is walking on this thin, connecting line.

BuildingBridges Cinematic Poem Short Film Directed by JOHANNES OLSZEWSKI 2019

This is the sight that the protagonist of the short film #buildingbridges beholds, as he steps out of his humble Utah home and looks up at the sky. An old and lonely man, he finds his own courage through the actions of these strangers.

This balancing act in movie form by the young creative agency One Inch Dreams (oneinchdreams.com) was commissioned by the German Embassy as a tribute to German-American friendship.

BuildingBridges Cinematic Poem Short Film Directed by JOHANNES OLSZEWSKI 2019

watch the documentary of BuildingBridges here: vimeo.com/376121031