Travel Video: Street Food And Hot Air Ballooning In Cappadocia, Turkey (2020)

Hello again from TURKEY! This is our last STREET FOOD IN TURKEY video from the series, and we had an AMAZING time here. Today, we are showing you the BEST Turkish food Cappadocia has to offer and also bring you on a hot air ballon flight, and take you to Göreme National Park for breathtaking views over this crazy place.

We are starting early in the morning for a hot air balloon flight with Voyager Balloons. We took their Ultra Comfort Flight (75 mins/8 people max.) and our pilot Ali was knowledgable, fun and kept us up to date with how high we were flying. The flight was SO smooth, the sunrise was gorgeous and it was a UNIQUE experience! We highly recommend Voyager Balloons!

After our flight, we were HUNGRY and ready to eat CAPPADOCIA FOOD. The local specialties are Mantı (Turkish dumplings) and Testi kebab (pottery kebab). The mantı were stuffed with beef, covered in a sour yogurt sauce and chili oil. Traditionally mantı are made to be extremely small. The testi kebab was sealed in a pottery vessel and lit on fire. The restaurant owner then cracks it open and pours out the DELICIOUS stew.

Beef, onions, tomatoes and tons of spices make up this dish. We tried testi kebab in other tourist restaurants in Cappadocia and it was terrible. YOU MUST check out THIS restaurant – the kebab was flavourful, the portion was large and service was very friendly! Next, we visit and explore the national park to see the fairy chimneys up close. It was a beautiful sight to see these landscapes. Before heading to our “cave room”, we stopped to pick up another local specialty – CAPPADOCIA WINE! Cappadocia is famous for their endemic grapes and the caves allow wine to be stored in ideal conditions, so the wine here is fantastic. We picked up a Kalecik Karası and enjoyed a glass from our private terrace of our cave room.

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