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Top New Camper Trailers: The “2020 Romotow T8” – Revolutionary Styling

Here are the latest photographs of the almost complete first Romotow. We have kept true to concept with this revolutionary luxury travel trailer. The exterior images showcase the timeless styling, carbon composite construction, huge glazed windows and of course the patented covered deck space. Below you can see the beautiful interior styling with teak joinery, acrylic counters and luxury detailing.

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Romotow T8 2020 Camper Trailer Header

Romotow T8 2020 Camper Trailer Specifications


Camper Trends: “Beauer X-Van” Telescopes To Larger Size With Push Of A Button

From a New Atlas online article:

French company Beauer has earned a lot of attention over the years for telescoping teardrop caravans that grow double or triple their size at the push of a button. Now the company’s bringing its tech to van life, launching a plug-and-play module that grows to create a large camper at camp and a smaller, nimbler van on the road. The X-Van installs in 10 minutes and extends the length of the van to add comfy sleeping quarters for two, giving a mid-size van the length of a full-size model.


After popping the tailgate, the owner merely hits a button on the pillar next to the driver seat and watches as the electrically actuated module sets up within a minute’s time. The only thing left to do is pop the expansion panels on the module’s sides to increase elbow room inside. The 25-mm sandwich construction keeps the temperature comfy inside.

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Camper Trailers: Easy Caravaning’s “TakeOff” Opens In 30 Seconds

From a New Atlas online article:

The TakeOff interior houses two rows of furniture running down the sides of a center aisle. The front dinette includes benches on either side of an adjustable table, converting to an 63 x 81-in (160 x 205-cm) oversized queen bed at night. The versatile, multi-position lounge can be set up in several configurations, including an optional eight-seat dinette and a shortened bed with rear dining nook.

Easy Caravaning X10T 2020

Pop-up tent campers are an age-old way of enjoying a light, aerodynamic tow and roomy base camp. They’re not always as quick or easy to set up as the term “pop-up” suggests, however. The new TakeOff from Dutch startup Easy Caravanning follows through on the pop-up trailer’s implied promise of quickness. A sort of pop-up camper van roof on wheels, the TakeOff rides low and light and sets up in about half a minute, making it perfect for a quick lunch break on the way to camp, as well as a cozy extended camping holiday.

Top Camper Vans: “Yama Nomad” – Tiny 4X4 Homes

From the Yama Nomad website:

Yama Nomad Camper Van InteriorThis sophisticated and badass 2018 Mercedes Sprinter van conversion is the ultimate #vanlife test drive. The 170” wheelbase allows for all the necessities of a tiny home, while the 4X4 will keep you safe on the road (or off).


  • Custom, handmade leather seats (for those long road trip days)

  • AUX, Bluetooth, USB

  • Backup Camera

Yama Nomad Camper Vans


  • Pine Magazine
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    Farmhouse sink with pull-down faucet

  • Dual burner cook top

  • Kitchen utensils, pots, pans & coffee maker

  • Freezer & Refrigerator

  • Outlet

  • Control center – van monitoring

  • Skylight


  • Shower with removable shower head

  • Composting toilet

  • Baby skylight

Yama Nomad Website


Top Camper Vans: “Iglhaut Allrad USA” – “All-Wheel Drive Off-Road Reliability”

From the Iglhaut Allrad USA website:

Ighaut Allrad USA is the exclusive US partner for Iglhaut Allrad. Iglhaut Allrad has been converting Mercedes 2 wheel drive commercial vehicles into truly capable off-road vehicles for over 35 years. We take a 2 wheel drive Mercedes Sprinter or Metric and convert it into permanent all wheel drive with a perfect 50/50 front to rear power split.Iglhaut Allrad USA Mercedes Offroad Vans

We can add three locking differentials, off-road high/low transfer case, suspension and brake upgrade, wheel well enlargement with fender flares to accommodate 18”light weight alloy wheels with up to 37” BF Goodrich KM3 Mud-Terrain tires, under body protection, rear door spare tire carrier, centrifugal snorkel, and 47.5 gallon fuel tank, for the most capable off-road van which retains all of its on road performance and handling characteristics.

Iglhaut Allrad is a World Wide Mercedes Van Partner and their conversion does not void the base vehicles warranty. Iglhaut Allrad USA facilitates the purchase of an Iglhaut converted vehicle for North American customers. All conversions are done in Germany at Iglhaut and turnaround time is about 6 month. Iglhaut Allrad USA takes care of all logistics and can help with the acquisition of the 2 wheel drive base vehicle.

Website: https://iglhautallradusa.com/?mc_cid=dce5bf23f0&mc_eid=c5f4960b01

Top New Camper Trailers: All-Electric “ERV” From Retreat Caravans

Electric RV - ERV logoNow with an energy-efficient thermal rating construction and revolutionary energy supply, you can live in your caravan just like you would at home! Use what you want, when you want, where you want!


ERV solar panels on roofWith an unprecedented 2033* watts of factory-fitted PV Solar, integrated automotive-grade 14.3KW/Hr battery, coupled with a 5000-watt Smart Inverter, this holistically engineered, self-generating, battery energy storage system will revolutionise your “truly off-grid experience”.

Website: https://www.e-rv.com.au/

Top Camper Trailers: “Fargo Elite Cabins” Are At Home On Land Or Water

Fargo Elite Cabins catamaran hullEqually at home on land or water, the Fargo Elite Cabin is a fully self contained accommodation unit perfect for cruising the waterways, exploring the open roads on a trailer or truck, or even as a spare room or private rental in your own backyard!

Available with or without unsinkable catamaran hulls, the cabin is easily transported by a flat bed trailer, can be pulled up on a beach to camp for the night or parked up in your backyard as a caravan or spare room with space for 2-4 people.

There is no maintenance required, has 12.5sq metres of cabin space and over 1000 litres of underfloor storage. The house boat model is powered by a 20-90hp outboard motor (not included) and can be transported locally by trailer or worldwide by 40′ container.

To read more: https://fargocabins.com.au/