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Covers: New York Times Magazine – Sept 25, 2022



Horses that resemble My Little Ponies (but on Mars). Caimans that eat pythons. Monkeys that live alongside these caimans. High-fiving raccoons. Searching for a snow leopard. Six photographers. Six stories of animal encounters.

Gareth McConnell for The New York TimesThe Voyages IssueSearching for Wild Animals, Across the WorldFor the magazine’s Voyages Issue, six photographers in pursuit of animal encounters.By The New York Times Magazine
Matthew Pillsbury for The New York TimesThe Voyages IssueLessons From a Lifetime of Animal VoyagesThere is an animal-size hole at the center of modern life. Some of us will search the world to fill it.By Sam Anderson
Robin Schwartz for The New York TimesThe Voyages IssueInside Seoul’s Wild Animal CafesArctic foxes. Sheep. Raccoons. See them before they’re gone.Photographs by Robin Schwartz
Antoine d’Agata/Magnum, for The New York TimesThe Voyages IssueMeeting the Beasts of the Jungle in French GuianaAfter two years without human visitors, the monkeys were restless.Photographs by Antoine d’Agata
Yael Martínez/Magnum, for The New York TimesThe Voyages IssueInside an Animal Sanctuary in Bolivia Where Tourists Can HelpPlaces like Senda Verde, a refuge in the tropical Andes, offer an alternative to cruises and safaris.Photographs by Yael Martínez
Gareth McConnell for The New York TimesThe Voyages IssueThe Fantastical Beauty of Icelandic HorsesThese stout little creatures look like My Little Ponies on Mars. The photographer Gareth McConnell had to see for himself.Photographs by Gareth McConnell

Read the Voyages Issue here. https://nyti.ms/3C2WvCo

Preview: New York Times Magazine – Sept 18, 2022


Is Ron DeSantis the Future of the Republican Party?

For years, Democrats have worried about the prospect of a more disciplined heir to Trump. In Florida’s pugilistic governor, that candidate may have arrived.

Nick Cave Lost Two Sons. His Fans Then Saved His Life

“I try to write from the point of view,” the musician and writer Nick Cave says, “that something can happen to your life that is absolutely shattering that can also be redemptive and beautiful.” He came to this perspective through fire. In 2015, Cave’s 15-year-old son, Arthur, died after falling from a cliff near the family’s home in Brighton, England. 

My Roommate Is Neglecting His Dog. What Should I Do?

The magazine’s Ethicist on speaking up for a member of the household — when it’s a pet.

Covers: New York Times Magazine – Sept 11, 2022


The 9.11.22 Issue – The Education Issue

In this Education Issue, Sarah Viren on a campus clash in a multicultural center that became a viral nightmare for Arizona State University; Daniel Bergner on a superintendent in northern Michigan who spoke up about race in a politically divided school district; Erika Hayasaki on book bans in Texas town; Charley Locke on the $190 billion Covid windfall for schools; and more.

Cover: The New York Times Magazine – August 28, 2022

Current cover

The 8.28.22 Issue

Can Coco Gauff the Tennis Prodigy Become a Tennis Legend?

Since Coco Gauff went pro at 14, she has played under the weight of high expectations. Now 18, she has her own measures for greatness.

How a Corporate Law Firm Led a Political Revolution

The untold story of Jones Day’s push to move the American government and courts to the right.

Preview: New York Times Magazine – August 14, 2022


The Taliban’s Dangerous Collision Course With the West

After barring girls from high school — and harboring an Al-Qaeda leader — the regime now risks jeopardizing the billions of dollars of global aid that still keeps Afghans alive.

Read more: https://nyti.ms/3BPMloE

Previews: New York Times Magazine – July 31, 2022


Economic devastation looms across the Caribbean, which is facing a future of climate crisis and spiraling debt. Mia Mottley, the first woman to lead Barbados, is fighting to end this fiscal spiral — and ensure her country’s survival, @AbrahmL reports.

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Preview: New York Times Magazine – July 10, 2022

Current cover

The 7.10.22 Issue

In this issue, Kim Tingley on the quest to make the most of our body clocks with “circadian medicine”; Virginia Eubanks on her partner’s PTSD and her struggle as a caregiver; Mark Binelli on Yuval Sharon, the most visionary opera director of his generation; Jake Bittle on the restaurateur who changed America’s energy industry; and more.

Preview: New York Times Magazine – April 24, 2022

Preview: New York Times Magazine – April 3, 2022