Previews: The Guardian Weekly – February 10, 2023


The Guardian Weekly (February 10, 2023) – Three years have passed since Britain officially left the European Union, but the country feels a long way from the “sunlit uplands” once memorably envisioned by Boris Johnson. Indeed, according to several polls released last week, more of the British population than ever are unhappy with the outcomes of Brexit – including, crucially, those who voted for it in the first place.

The Observer’s Michael Savage and Toby Helm consider what’s behind the upsurge in “Bregret” and ask what realistic hopes exist of Britain ever returning to the bloc. Then, opinion writer Nesrine Malik warns that, while many on the left may see validation in the current trends, it’s important to understand many of the UK’s structural problems stem from before the time of the Brexit referendum in 2016.

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