Front Page: The New York Times – February 8, 2023


Biden Calls on Republicans to Help Him ‘Finish the Job’ and Build the Economy

President Biden was heckled during the State of the Union address when he spoke about fentanyl and when he accused Republicans of threatening Social Security and Medicare.

Rescue Teams Fight ‘Weather and the Earthquake’ as Toll Surpasses 7,700 Dead

Shoveling snow and rubble, emergency crews worked across hundreds of miles in Turkey and Syria to save people in the aftermath of the most powerful quake in the region in decades.

Amid the Quake’s Frosty Wreckage, a Remarkable but Bittersweet Rescue

In the hard-hit Turkish city of Gaziantep, a collapsed apartment building spared few of its residents. But one man heard his brother’s voice from beneath the debris.

Gustavo Dudamel, Star Maestro, to Leave L.A. for New York Philharmonic

Dudamel, a charismatic 42-year-old conductor, will take up the Philharmonic’s podium in 2026, in a major coup for the orchestra.

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